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What is a multiple gallstones

Updated: Monday, Jul 13,2015, 1:45:14 PM
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The diagnosis of multi hair gallstones are generally according to the history, as usual with the right upper abdominal pain, make a preliminary diagnosis and right shoulder radiation, fever and other symptoms, and then diagnosed by B ultrasound examination, B ultrasound can clearly show the gallbladder, gallbladder stones diagnosis rate as high as 95%. So, to doubt have gallstone patients, the general choice of B ultrasonic examination can confirm the diagnosis.

1 recessive state

A large part of the patients with gallstones are asymptomatic, we put this situation called "silent stone", "asymptomatic cholecystolithiasis", also known as "quiet gallbladder stones", this situation often in the health examination or treatment of other diseases were discovered by accident, and often this has been transformed into multiple gallstones.

2 symptoms

Gallstone symptom is more apparent, but many people don't know gallstones, do not know what are the symptoms of gallstones, suffering from gallstones did not timely to hospital for treatment, lead to the condition is more and more heavy, then the symptoms of gallstones what? Next we invite the stone expert to come to our detailed answer.

What are the obvious symptoms of gall stone?

1 common symptoms of fever and chills and gallstones:

Fever and inflammation of the gallbladder. Gangrenous cholecystitis and suppurative cholecystitis can have chills fever.

2 jaundice is also the symptoms of gallstones in patients with symptoms.

The symptom is more severe after severe abdominal pain, and jaundice symptoms lighter. By reason of jaundice is associated with cholangitis gallstones, bile duct by swelling of the gallbladder oppression, caused by obstruction, or lead to liver cell infection and are subject to damage, so the onset of jaundice. Part of the gall stones in patients with a transient jaundice, more severe abdominal pain, and jaundice. Gallstone associated with cholangitis, swollen bold balloon compression of the common bile duct, causing obstruction, or due to infection caused by liver cell injury and may cause jaundice. Performance for the eyes of the color yellow.

3 abdominal pain is a common symptom of gallstones.

Gallstones attack often is a typical symptom of the biliary colic, mainly for epigastric or right upper abdominal paroxysmal spasm caused by the pain, the pain can be gradually increased, to the right shoulder and radiating to the back. The cause of the biliary colic is due to the movement of the stones in the gallbladder, which causes the stones to be embedded in the gall bladder.

Abdominal pain is one of the main clinical manifestations of gallstones. If your epigastric or right upper quadrant are paroxysmal spasmodic pain and associated with progressive worsening, often to the right shoulder and back radiation, that is a gallstone attack of typical biliary colic. The cause of abdominal pain is caused by the movement of the stone from the gallbladder cavity to the cystic duct caused by the stone block caused by stone. Because of the obstruction of the gallbladder, the pressure of the gallbladder is increased, the gallbladder smooth muscle contraction and spasm. According to statistics, more than 90% of biliary colic is sudden onset, often occurs in the meal, overwork or strenuous exercise. Recumbent stones are easy to fall into the cystic duct, some patients will be at night suddenly glass except for severe pain, often agonizing, even tossing and turning, distracted, sweating, pale and so on performance. Each attack lasts 10 minutes to a few hours, so often need to have a few days to ease. Pain relief or disappearance showed that the stone was back in the gallbladder, and other symptoms disappeared.

4 gastrointestinal symptoms are common symptoms of gallstones.

When acute attack of gall stones, but also accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal reactions, not only will appear in the abdominal pain, abdominal pain symptoms can be relieved after vomiting. And after the symptoms appear to be tired of greasy food and indigestion and other symptoms, that is, after the acute attack of gall stone often tired of greasy food, abdominal distension and indigestion and other symptoms.

3 disease hazard

What is the harm of gall stone? The problem whether in the online or in real life, are a lot of friends are concerned about the problem, then what is the risk of gallstones? Listen to what the experts say. Expert introduction of gall stone:

1, repeated attacks of cholecystitis: common symptoms of biliary colic, the pain, pain, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort, sometimes referred to the right shoulder or back. The frequency of attack is sometimes every few years, sometimes a few months, sometimes in January. If the obstruction in ampullary or cystic duct, can cause abdominal colic. If changing positions and medication can not make the stones away from the site of obstruction, the gallbladder will produce very high pressure, reduction or cessation of the blood supply of the gallbladder wall, bacteria can easily enter and produce a large number of toxins, cause necrosis of the gallbladder wall, and perforation; and even breaking into abdominal cavity and induced peritonitis. When severe shock, life-threatening.

2, secondary common bile duct stones: sometimes small stones or biliary sludge can be gallbladder row into the common bile duct, caused by obstruction of the common bile duct, jaundice, caused the damage of liver function, even cause suppurative cholangitis. The high mortality rate of severe cholangitis.

3, acute pancreatitis: discharged into the bile duct and small stones or biliary sludge further discharged into the duodenum and sometimes incarcerated in bile duct and pancreatic duct joint openings or at the end of the common bile duct sphincter injury repeatedly so caused at the end of common bile duct stenosis, oedema, cause pancreatic excretory impairment or bile reflux into the biliary secondary biliary pancreatitis. Serious life-threatening.

4, cancer: gallstones is the main cause of the disease of gallbladder cancer, chronic inflammation of the gallbladder and bile duct bile acid, bile salt stimulation, easy to make the gallbladder mucosa carcinogenesis. The malignant degree of gallbladder carcinoma is very high, and the treatment effect is not ideal.

4 treatment method


One, surgical treatment:

Operation treatment is an important measure to treat gall stone, according to the different conditions of different surgical treatment. However, surgical treatment is not necessarily to achieve the role of a cure, a surgery or sometimes multiple surgeries can not achieve the purpose of cure. Some elderly patients, due to poor physical fitness, surgical risk, generally do not recommend surgery.

Extracorporeal lithotripsy

Two, in vitro lithotripsy method:

The principle of the liquid electric power machine is to use the huge energy of the liquid electric high discharge. After many times, the stone is crushed and then discharged. Treatment of stone, even though the larger stones broken into small stones, there is also a row of the problem, and the other vibration wave of debris on the liver tissue damage.

Western Medicine

Three, western medicine treatment:

Western medicine in the treatment of gallstones, efficacy can not direct lesions, palliative and Western medicine containing hormones, side effects, overdose may instead of human other hazards.

Treatment of traditional Chinese Medicine

Four, traditional Chinese medicine treatment;

Pay attention to blood stasis syndrome differentiation treatment of gallstone gallstone in traditional Chinese medicine,

Gallstones experts reminder, stone patients should be the law of life, pay attention to work and rest, often participate in sports activities, time to eat breakfast, avoid fat, reduce the frequency of pregnancy, is also very important preventive measures. Drinking a glass of milk or a breakfast every night to eat a fried egg, can make the gallbladder regular contraction, emptying, reduce the residence time of bile in the gallbladder.

Gallstones experts to remind you, once suffering from gallstones, be sure to choose the regular professional medical institutions for the timely treatment, not blindly treatment, to prevent fraud and missed the best time for treatment.

5 preventive measures

1, remain optimistic, cheerful, ease of mind. Optimism is the primary factor in the prevention of gallstone disease, any bad mood can cause cholesterol metabolism disorders, leading to the formation of stones or recurrence.

2, a reasonable diet. Regular eating is the best way to prevent stones, because without eating a gall bladder is full of bile, gallbladder mucosa absorption of moisture to make concentrated bile, bile viscosity also increased, and finally formed biliary sludge.

3, drinking, eat less fat greasy food. To drink less wine, less high fat food, moderate nutrition and appropriate restrictions on the content of fat and cholesterol in the diet.

4, drink plenty of water. 5-8 cup every day, do not want to drink, so that bilirubin excreted from the urine. In daily life to tea drinks in addition to prevent and improve stone treatment can regulate body balance mechanism, effective antibacterial pain, diuretic Tonglin, stone dissolving and exhausting, and enhance the body resistance, greatly reducing caused by stones in a series of complications. This kind of Chinese herbal tea mainly has the dandelion, the dish is clear the grass, the honeysuckle, the Chinese herbal medicine and so on.

5, more exercise. Daily exercise, promote blood circulation, accelerate the excretion of metabolic waste in the body.

6, to ensure adequate intake of protein. According to the study, the long-term lack of protein intake, and the formation of bile pigment stones.

7, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, to meet the body's need for a variety of vitamins and trace elements, and enhance the body's metabolism.

8, pay attention to food hygiene. Eggs, prevent bacteria from the mouth, so as to avoid parasites such as Ascaris into the intestine, caused by biliary tract infection.

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