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What fruit is more conducive to lower blood pressure

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 04,2014, 7:12:03 PM
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Hypertension as an incurable disease , apart from treatment with a doctor 's told , it also can be controlled by diet for conditioning , for example, can be very good to eat fruit regulating blood pressure, it may have a friend who comes here to ask, there are so many types of fruit , we eat what is more conducive to high blood pressure regulating it?

1 kiwi fruit. Kiwi its Pickle , sweet , cold, non-toxic. Whole fruit or juice can heat water , blood stasis , inflammatory swelling, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol , for high blood pressure , coronary heart disease , arteriosclerosis and so on.

2 orange juice. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C. British medical workers after blood tests carried 641 adults found that higher blood levels of vitamin C people , the lower the arterial blood pressure. These researchers believe that vitamin C helps blood vessels to dilate .

3 apples. Apple contains vitamins , sugars , pectin , salt , malic acid, citric acid Kai , tannic acid and cellulose. Chinese medicine believes that it has a bushing Qi , thirst , spleen and stomach effect. Modern medicine, apples are rich in potassium, sodium can be combined with the body , making it out of the body . Another Apple also has to prevent an increase in blood cholesterol , reduce blood sugar and so on.

4 melon and yogurt . Melon and yogurt high mineral content of potassium , helps control blood pressure. The results of a study tracking 2,600 people showed that eating one gram of potassium -containing foods every day , such as a potato , a big banana and 226 grams of milk , five weeks after the blood pressure can drop 4 mm Hg.

5 Hawthorn . Also known as Shan Lihong , red berries . The hawthorn contains carbohydrates, vitamins, fat , carotene , protein, malic acid , citric acid, calcium and iron and other substances , particularly rich in vitamin C , which is more than apples , pears, peaches also many. Chinese medicine, hawthorn has Kaiweixiaoshi , consumer product stagnation , blood circulation effect. Modern medicine, hawthorn can expand coronary vasodilation , remove fat and improve atherosclerosis .

Do not know if you suffer from hypertension friends have not noticed, we usually go to the hospital to see a doctor when the doctor told us at the time of leaving will be a few , such as what kind of fruit to eat later will say something home , must pay attention to hypertension food taboos , in fact, though not cure high blood pressure , but as long as we adhere to the dietary conditioning is generally not easily attack.

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