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What are the side effects of diabetes

Updated: Sunday, Jan 10,2016, 3:05:15 PM
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Never injected insulin in patients with friends may think the gleaming needles began to tense, weak calf the. Do you have a pain in the injection of insulin? The answer is yes. However, if you ask a hundred injected insulin sufferers, I am afraid there is 99 will tell you: insulin injection pain very slight! Because insulin needles are much smaller than other needles, so often in normal conditions, the pain is much milder than other drugs or vaccines. Of course, everything in case, if appear pain is particularly apparent, there may be caused by subcutaneous nerve encountered when the needle, then if pain can stand, you can rapidly after the injection needle is pulled out; if the pain unbearable, then you should replacement parts for injection. In general, subcutaneous insulin injection, the smallest pain, and the absorption of stable and convenient injection.


Low blood sugar is indeed terrible, especially asymptomatic hypoglycemia, there may be no precursor in the case directly lead to patients with coma. But there is less chance of severe hypoglycemia in type 2 diabetic patients. Of course, this does not mean that patients do not need to master how to prevent and cope with the occurrence of hypoglycemia, there can be no suffering from the preparation side. Insulin treatment of diabetic patients with hypoglycemia is very common, especially in the night and before meals, but lead to insulin therapy in type 2 diabetic patients with hypoglycemia often relatively light, less harmful, mostly through two meals sometimes bedtime snacks can prevent or avoid.

fat pad

Fat pad formation is due to the long-term in the same parts of the injection, insulin stimulates the formation of subcutaneous fat. The presence of this fat pad can affect the absorption of local insulin. The formation of fat pad can be avoided, and the preventive measures are very simple - just need to have a regular patient friends to replace the injection site can be.

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