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What are concurrent introduction of gastric illness

Updated: Thursday, Apr 03,2014, 8:33:41 PM
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Concurrent disorders

1, when complicated by gastrointestinal bleeding, usually a small amount of bleeding, bleeding is relatively rare. Approximately 5% of patients bleeding can occur, manifested as vomiting and (or) black, even as the first symptom. Can be dizziness, heart palpitations, tarry stools, vomiting brown material.

2, peritoneal metastasis of gastric cancer so common bile duct pressure, jaundice, clay-colored stools.

3, combined pyloric obstruction, common in the origin of the pylorus and cardia gastric cancer. When the bottom of the stomach and gastric cardia or esophagus caused delay esophageal obstruction, prone to cause tumors near the pylorus pyloric obstruction. There may be vomiting, abdominal see the expansion of the stomach type, smell, and acoustic shock.

4, diffuse peritonitis caused by perforation of cancer, rare than benign ulcers. Found in gastric ulcer, occurred in the pyloric ulcer precursor of cancer, no adhesion perforated cover, it can cause peritonitis. There may be abdominal board-like stiffness, abdominal tenderness peritoneal irritation.

5, gastrointestinal fistula formation, see discharge indigestible food.

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