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Uremia treatment principles

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 30,2009, 3:18:57 PM
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(A) actively combat primary disease in order to prevent the continued destruction of renal parenchyma.

(B) chronic renal failure in patients with residual renal function rely mainly on the integrity of renal units to maintain. Any increase renal load factors, can aggravate renal failure; so should be actively induced impairment of kidney function to eliminate the harmful factors, such as infection control, reducing high blood pressure. Furthermore, it should correct the water, electrolyte disorders, to correct metabolic acidosis in order to maintain a stable internal environment.

(C) renal failure in patients with uremia, it shall take emergency measures to maintain a stable internal environment. Measures commonly used in peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis (artificial kidney) and so on. May also be necessary and possible to conduct the same kinds of kidney transplant to replace the diseased kidneys.

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