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The symptoms of chronic antral gastritis

Updated: Monday, Dec 21,2009, 4:02:54 PM
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Gastric inflammation is a cause not clear and limited to antral chronic non-specific inflammation of gastric mucosa due to edema, hyperemia, inflammatory cell infiltration and fibrous tissue proliferation and thickening.


Antral gastritis showed upper abdominal fullness, pain, or pain, Changcheng periodic seizures, can be accompanied by belching, acid reflux, vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, etc., chronic gastric inflammation also showed loss of appetite, persistent abdominal pain , hemorrhagic anemia. Antral gastritis multiple lesions confined to muscularis mucosa can also be spread to the muscular and serosal layers. Antral mucosa showed edema, hyperemia, inflammatory cell infiltration and fibrous tissue hyperplasia, of which the most obvious submucosa.

The closely related factors and mental disorders, mood swings or fear, tight, can exacerbate the symptoms. The parasympathetic nervous system stimulant, also easy to attack. Some patients with gastric inflammation, the Fu Teng symptoms similar to duodenal ulcers, chronic gastric inflammation easily misdiagnosed as gastric cancer, gastroscopy to be done to differentiate.


1, gastric irritation, manifested as recurrent anterior pyloric contraction in a semi-state, can not be as normal as when they arrive in the peristaltic waves, such as cystic, but it can down to the stomach cavity was linear.

2, mucous membrane thickening patterns, disorders, can be 1cm wide and about gastric mucosal pattern Duocheng rampant, the rules of the stomach contour was jagged, jagged edges are very smooth.

3, when the lesion to the muscle hypertrophy that often appears as concentric antral narrow, form relatively fixed, and can be contracted to the fine, but not diastolic, and the normal segment showed a gradual transition or boundaries more clearly. Stenosis can show mucosal pattern, the majority was longitudinal.

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