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The choice of food for people with diabetes

Updated: Friday, Aug 28,2015, 3:47:08 PM
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Diet control of diabetic patients is very important. People with diabetes often say a word is "I eat not much, why my blood sugar is still relatively high". Of course there are many factors that affect blood sugar, can we have a number of methods to reduce the impact of food on blood glucose in food choices on what skills do you have?

Yes, of course, you can follow the following principles, but not limited to this, you can also summarize.

(1) food raw materials will not be too fine, fine and deep processing of food, may be absorbed more quickly, and whole grains, relatively speaking, l sugar index is lower. Such as eating brown rice, milled rice, fine surface roughness is better than.

(2) cooked food is as simple as possible, eat raw than cooked (of course is to be eaten raw), cooking time as short as possible. Long time such as rice congee, its high glycemic index, glycemic index and Steamed Rice is lower than Rice porridge.

(3) all kinds of food should try to choose the water cut, containing the juice of the food, help to control the L sugar index.

(4) the food with skin to eat better. For example, the common fruits and vegetables, in the premise of clean, try not to peel.

Glycemic index has an important influence on blood sugar, but the sugar index is not static, and may change in different situations. For example, the type of food, structure, characteristics, methods of cooking, etc., may affect the L sugar index, as follows:

(1) carbohydrate type and structure: the sugar has a higher glycemic index than that of the polysaccharide; if the candy is more likely to increase the blood sugar.

(2) dietary fiber content: fiber content in food, can slow digestion and absorption, blood sugar increased slow down, reduce the food sugar index; (3) the physical state of food: such as cereal grains, the higher the sugar index.

(4) the degree of starch pasting: the higher the degree of the paste, the higher the index of the sugar, the higher the ratio of rice to the rice.

(5) the contents of fat and protein in food: the increase of the content of the food can reduce the gastric emptying rate and the small intestine digestion and absorption, and the index of the sugar is lower.

The same food different people may absorb the same, we can find their own experience in their own practice, to do a heart. Now we have a fast blood glucose meter, sometimes through the detection of the meal before, postprandial blood glucose to understand the impact of diet on blood glucose, through repeated practice to master the law, you can achieve a multiplier effect.

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