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The Introduction of Pathogenesis of the Climacteric Syndrome in TCM

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 09,2013, 2:39:29 PM
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Women usually enter into the menopause at the age of 40. Part of women have a series of symptoms and signs before and after the menopause, such as the menstrual disorder, dizziness, tinnitus, sweating, flushed face, irritability, edema of limbs and face. These are called the climacteric syndrome


The degree of this disease is various. Some people with this disease have a single symptom and some people have various symptoms. A few patients’ character may change. It even seriously affects people’s life and work. The symptoms of this disease may lasts for short or long time. The short period refers to several months while the long one refers to several years.


Menopause is the physiological transition in women’s life. It is the beginning of decline of Zang-Fu function and the loss of reproductive function. It is recorded in Internal Classic that “For women at the age of 49, their Ren vessel is deficient and Tai Chong vessel is weak. They don’t have the reproductive function due to the end of menstruation”. The symptoms around menopause are mainly because of asthenia of kidney and insufficiency of essence, asthenia of heart and spleen and the disorder of liver function.


In short, menopause is one of women’s natural physiological phenomenons. It is not a kind of disease. And a series of clinical symptoms due to the insufficient of estrogen level can be improved via reasonable supplement of estrogen under the under the guidance of doctor. Then the living quality in menopause can be increased.


Yin-deficiency of liver and kidney

The disease is caused by the consumption of yin and deficiency of essence and blood. The latter is because of weak constitution, or disease, or frequent delivery and excessive condition of seven emotions.


Yang-deficiency of spleen and kidney

The disease is caused by the yin-deficiency and internal cold and decline of Zang-Fu function. The latter is because of the asthenia of spleen and kidney, or fatigue, or unlimited sexual life and injury.


Deficiency of yin and yang

The disease is caused by deficiency of yin and yang and disorder of function. In menopause, there are the deficiency of essence and blood and deficiency of kidney-yang.


Deficiency of heart and spleen

The disease is caused by the deficiency of heart and spleen, or excessive thinking and injury of heart and spleen. What’s more, it is also due to the asthenia of kidney and deficiency of essence, declined Zang-Fu function and insufficient of heart and spleen in the end of menopause.

Imbalance between the heart and kidney

The disease is caused by the deficiency of yin which cannot be supplied to the heart and the imbalance between the heart and kidney.


Deficiency of yin and blood

The disease is caused by deficiency of heart and spleen, or excessive thinking and consumption of yin and blood. What’s more, there are the deficiencies of yin and blood which cannot nourish the heart and nerve when people are early 49 years old.


 Obstruction of liver-qi and deficiency of spleen

The disease is caused by unsmooth mood, obstruction of liver-qi. What’s more, it is also because that the liver-qi attacks the spleen at the end of menopause.


Non-consolidation of Chong and conception channels

The disease is caused by the excessive bleeding due to the disorder of menstrual circle. The excessive bleeding also involves the heart, liver, spleen and kidney. The former is because of the qi-deficiency of Chong and conception vessels and the menstrual blood cannot be governed.


Obstruction of Qi and phlegm

The disease is caused by the obstruction of Qi and phlegm. The latter is because that the unsmooth mood and obstruction of liver-qi lead to the obstruction of the flow of dampness. And the phlegm will be produced by the dampness.

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