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Stroke incentives

Updated: Thursday, Oct 22,2009, 3:55:57 PM
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Bad mood, diet section, excessive tiredness, excessive movement, such as a sudden sit-up, and get up postural change, climate change, dry stool, watching TV for too long, with the brain properly, and a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, high lipids, hemophilia, heart disease, high blood viscosity, bradycardia, vascular sclerosis, etc., will become a predisposing factor in stroke.

Stroke is one of the acute cerebral vascular diseases, collectively, it is a sudden collapsed, unconscious, accompanied by Kouyanwaixie, language disadvantage, hemiplegia with or without hemiplegia suddenly collapsed and the main symptoms of a diseases. Whether children, young people or middle-aged may be sick, the disease has a high incidence, high mortality, high morbidity and high recurrence rate, complications, and more "four high and one more" features. In China, cerebral vascular disease is the highest mortality diseases.

Render the incidence of stroke, acute, sudden, but the pathological process were mostly slow, pathological changes in this process, the stroke-induced factors have contributed to the sudden escalation of this process of change and thus stroke, stroke of the incentives generally are:

1. Bad mood (angry, agitated); diet Festival (overeating, drinking too much).

2. Excessive fatigue; excessive force; excess movement; suddenly sit and get up to change position and so on.

3. Climate change; pregnancy; stool dry; watching television for too long; with the brain inappropriate.

4. All kinds of diseases, factors such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hemophilia, heart disease, high blood viscosity, bradycardia, hardening of the arteries.

5. Medication improperly, such as the inappropriate use of antihypertensive drugs.

The incentive for the stroke in order to fatigue the most prevalent. The so-called fatigue, multiple means of work, life, home busy excessive fatigue, or carrying out an activity and work more than they can afford the extent of, such as regular work late into the night, lack of sleep, housework or entertaining too busy to see TV and movies too long, the road has not been adequate rest and so tired.

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