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Self-care of chronic pharyngitis

Updated: Wednesday, May 05,2010, 3:53:32 PM
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Chronic pharyngitis is a common disease, a chronic infection caused by diffuse pharyngeal lesions, mainly mucosal inflammation of the pharynx. Disease in patients with pharyngeal discomfort many have foreign body sensation, itching, such as performance, will bring great distress in patients with normal life, is the otorhinolaryngology clinic of common diseases. Repeated due to chronic pharyngitis easily and permanently, so self-nursed back to health is also important.

Commonly used methods are:

▲ maintain the indoor air fresh. Room air-dry and cold, heat, moisture can affect the function of pharyngeal mucosal defense, resulting in dysfunction, pharyngeal paresthesia, long time, becomes chronic pharyngitis diseases. Morning, after meals and before going to sleep mouthwash, brush your teeth, you can keep your mouth clean. To speak as little as possible or reduce the tone when they talk the same time, prevention and treatment of nasal and mouth disease, elimination of inflammatory lesions, prevention and treatment of pharyngitis can not be ignored.

▲ life regularly. Disrupt the normal patterns of life or depressed all day for various reasons, quick tempers and other factors will disrupt the body's normal regulatory mechanisms, making the body less resistance to disease, susceptible to external pathogenic factors in violation of persistent inflammation of the throat is not so more, sicker. Addition, to avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy, fried, cold, too hot to stimulate food, eat rich in collagen and elastin in the food and food B vitamins, such as trotters, fish, animal liver, fresh fruit, helping to eliminate inflammation of respiratory mucosa, repair of chronic pharyngitis site of injury.

▲ maintain a good attitude. Psychological factors and chronic pharyngitis disease have some relevance. Chronic pharyngitis occurs in postmenopausal women and introverted, reticent individual young women.

▲ qigong therapy pharyngitis. Methods are: sit, his hands gently on two legs, two Weibi, tongue touching the palate, soothe the nerves into the quiet, natural breathing, meaning keep the throat, mouth build-chun, when body fluid mouthful, swallow slowly, so 15 - 20 minutes, then slowly opened his eyes to hand thumb and the other four fingers gently rubbing the throat, intended to keep men of natural breathing, body fluid, after endless talk, swallow slowly, so Anrou 5 to 7 minutes. Daily practice 2 - 3 times, each time 15-30 minutes.

▲ often drink some of the diet drinks Liyan Sheng Jin.

Honey drink green tea: green tea, 5 grams, honey appropriate. Will set the cup of green tea, pour boiling water, adding honey Beverage Service, a daily one. Can heat pharynx and lungs fluid.

Lily bean soup: 20 grams of lily, green beans 50 grams of crystal sugar. The lily, green beans cooked add some water to add rock sugar Beverage Service, a daily one. Can heat and lungs, YangYinShengJin.

In addition, the winter amaranth, honey, tomato, star fruit, lemon, Fruit, kelp, radish, sesame seeds, raw pears, water chestnuts, Rhizoma Imperatae, sugar cane and other food products, with heat annealing, Yun role of lung and kidney Yin Ye can select appropriate food .

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