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Pyelonephritis diet and nursing

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 5:04:26 PM
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Acute pyelonephritis dietary taboos
Diet should not eat all the salty condiments and food containing high protein and should eat some vitamin C, vegetables and fruit.
Dietary taboos chronic pyelonephritis
Yichi light and digestible diet of low-salt or no salt diet. In recent years that for chronic renal dysfunction, an appropriate complement of essential amino acids can improve efficacy

Pyelonephritis nursing

"Pyelonephritis" is the direct infection caused by bacteria of the urinary tract inflammation. Bacteria from the bladder through the urethra increased, ureter into the renal pelvis and kidney.

"Pyelonephritis" divide "acute pyelonephritis" and "chronic pyelonephritis" two. Without timely treatment of acute can be transformed into chronic; chronic treatment or rest due to other factors, may cause acute attacks. Disease is more common in women, particularly women of childbearing age. Clinical manifestations: rapid onset, fever, chills, lumbar pain, urinary frequency urinary urgency urinary disease. Often as a routine examination with a lot of pus cell in urine, leukocytes, red blood cells, proteinuria rare. Urine culture can be found in bacteria.

Care points:

    1, to encourage patients to drink plenty of water to increase urine output.
    2, regular urine testing and training, control condition.
    3, women should pay attention to sex life, menstrual period, pregnancy health.
    4, which paid attention to the baby during diaper clean sterile.
    5, such as patients with fever after treatment is still not subsided but increased or who have entered, or accompanied by severe low back pain was taken to hospital for treatment.

Home Care points:

1. Emphasis on maternal and child health work, and women to keep the vulva clean and caution bath. Menstrual period, pregnancy and babies should pay special attention to hygiene to prevent infection upward. Suffering from acute pyelonephritis women, within one year after the treatment of contraception to avoid pregnancy worse.

2. Acute pyelonephritis or acute exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis should be more water, the daily intake of more than 2500 milliliters. The purpose of increasing urine volume, promoting bacteria, toxins and inflammatory secretions discharged. At the same time pay attention to strengthening nutrition and physical exercise.

3. Observe whether the fever and urinary tract irritation. Chronic pyelonephritis later, watch for symptoms of kidney damage, such as hypertension, anemia, uremia and so on.

4. After drug treatment, watch for side effects of drugs, such as oral medications cause nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other reaction ask a doctor before switching to other drug treatment.

5. If you need to do urine culture should be prepared to do the following
① should be suspended with antibiotics before or 5 days after antibiotics to stay urine specimens.
② to collect early morning urine. To ensure retention of urine in the bladder intramuscular 6 ~ 8 hours.
③ stay urine samples prior to fully clean the perineum, keeping the urine is not contaminated. To stay in urine specimens from the middle of urine when placed in sterile test tube.
④ to stay a good urine specimens to be cultured within two hours and counting colonies in order to avoid bacteria growth, the impact prejudge the outcome.
If special circumstances need to be refrigerated to 4C urine following the refrigerator.

6. Special attention is paid not to urinary catheterization or equipment checks, to prevent infection.

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