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Patients with diabetes mellitus beware of pancreatic cancer

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 05,2014, 5:24:10 PM
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Usually we will get diabetes were divided into type 1, type 2, but in addition a kind of type 3 diabetes and pancreatic cancer closely related. The expert expresses, when patients with type 3 diabetes, in one to two years will happen in pancreatic cancer. This kind of insulin has a direct growth promoting effect on pancreatic cancer cells in vitro, blood glucose and free fatty acid can also promote the proliferation of tumor cells.

In addition, diabetic patients immune function disorders, impaired by immune function, decreased immune monitoring effect, induced pancreatic carcinogenesis. He said, 30%~50% may be associated with pancreatic cancer patients with diabetes at the time of diagnosis.

For diabetic patients with pancreatic cancer, early diagnosis is very important. The majority of patients with early disease lack of clinical manifestation, easily diagnosed with diabetes, but missed the pancreatic cancer.

The high risk population experts remind of pancreatic cancer, the best every half a year of detection: one is the marker for detecting tumor, pancreatic cancer patients are often tumor two markers elevated, CA19-9, RAS gene mutation; two is the imaging examination, through B Ultrasound, CT, MRI, found in pancreatic carcinoma lesions, through these tests found early signs of early pancreatic cancer.

Therefore, experts suggest that patients with diabetes after being diagnosed each year, the best regular check, found suspected pancreatic cancer symptoms should promptly go to the hospital to related departments to find expert advice, whether diagnosed pancreatic cancer, lest bungle illness

Pancreatic cancer and diabetes mellitus silly points not clear

In recent years because of diabetic patients is increasing, people on the emergence of polyphagia, polydipsia, polyuria and weight loss, fatigue and other symptoms in the elderly, often think of type II diabetes, while ignoring the possibility of pancreatic cancer, and according to the diabetes treatment is invalid, lost the opportunity of radical operation.

Department of Endocrinology doctors, diabetes is one of the risk factors for pancreatic cancer, and pancreatic cancer in high-risk population of new onset diabetes may be pancreatic cancer early symptoms or warning signal. Early pancreatic cancer can appear some are similar to the symptoms of diabetes, is because the cancer cell destruction of pancreatic tissue, leading to a reduction in insulin secretion, so high blood glucose and urine glucose, even not the normal glucose tolerance test. The difference is that the symptoms of diabetes associated with pancreatic cancer by hypoglycemic therapy, normal to control, but there are more and more serious gastrointestinal symptoms.

Why diabetes and pancreatic cancer in these two seemingly unrelated diseases, there will be some similar symptoms? This is because, pancreatic cancer and diabetes mellitus, seemingly irrelevant is actually from the same source, pancreas. Insulin secretion of pancreatic endocrine cells in the history of the problems caused by pancreatic cancer is by the exocrine pancreatic malignant transformation and structure.

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