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On the combination of tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 22,2015, 4:58:57 PM
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The spread of HIV / AIDS has accelerated the prevalence of tuberculosis.

In July of this year of Cape Town, South Africa, held the Fifth International AIDS conference, world health experts warn, pulmonary tuberculosis has become the main cause of the death in patients with AIDS, so tuberculosis and AIDS should not be regarded as two separate issues, the international community should redouble their efforts to deal with the interaction between them.

Medical data show that TB in HIV infected persons reduced life expectancy; in turn AIDS virus also attack the immune system, so as to promote TB spread and makes many TB carriers eventually develop into pulmonary tuberculosis patients. In Italy, Rwanda, Spain and the United States to carry out the study found that infected with the AIDS virus TB carriers, the possibility of tuberculosis than people who are not infected with the AIDS virus high and 30 to 50 times.

In fact, in recent years, the trend of the interaction between tuberculosis and AIDS is very clear, at present, about 1 people per 3 HIV infected persons in the world at the same time got tuberculosis. The World Health Organization Department of prevention and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis generation director Mario? La Weige Leonard said that after the World Health Organization has declared tuberculosis a global emergency crisis in 10 years, the epidemic of tuberculosis becomes even more serious, mainly because of the spread of the AIDS virus. Need to redouble their efforts to deal with the interaction of these two deadly diseases, they added each other's impact.

However, in recent years, the spread of AIDS in Africa so that the prevalence of tuberculosis accelerated, significantly more than the promotion of DOTS treatment. La Viguerie Onna said the African 70% HIV infected persons who have tuberculosis can not get effective treatment, they will die a few months later. For example, last year, Africa has received a total of 80000 DOTS treatment of HIV infection, but the lack of treatment of HIV infected persons who died of tuberculosis, but there are about 200000

WHO estimates, the Asian situation is not optimistic, because 2/3 of the population infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis in asia. In some parts of Asia, 70% of HIV infected persons have been infected with tuberculosis, the number of HIV infected persons in Asia has died from tuberculosis is currently 2 times per year.

In view of this dangerous situation, the World Health Organization in the South Africa International AIDS conference held, called in persons infected with the AIDS virus spread of anti TB drugs, and with AIDS drugs combined to improve the patient's quality of life, prolong life, reduce the disease brought to the world the impact.

The head of the World Health Organization AIDS department said that the number of HIV infected persons in the rise in the number of people dying of tuberculosis, which shows that the two kinds of infectious diseases should be well matched. With HIV related TB cases in about 79%, Africa occurred in the sub Saharan region, 11% in Southeast asia. In the annual new cases of tuberculosis of the largest of the five countries, the two countries have caused an epidemic of HIV infection. And South Africa is currently under the threat of AIDS and tuberculosis, double disease one of the most serious areas.


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