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Nursing care should be paid attention to after operation of colorectal cancer

Updated: Monday, Jul 06,2015, 2:53:46 PM
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How to care after the operation of large intestine cancer? The following aspects of the operation of colorectal cancer:

1, diet:

For colorectal cancer patients after surgery, in the diet should not be too taboos, to pay attention to the supplement of nutrition, but in the choice of diet should try to choose delicate easy digestive, raw material is fresh and sanitary food, choose fish, eggs, a small amount of lean meat and fresh vegetables and fruits to increase the intake of dietary fiber, prevent constipation. Avoid irritating and hard foods, reduce the use of seasonings, reduce the intake of moldy, fried, high fat food. Encourage the patient to develop a good habit of eating slowly, eat well, eat well, eat healthy.

2, defecation:

After surgery patients, to develop regular bowel habits, eat some laxative and food, not to be too hard, it will affect the recovery of postoperative wound. On their own stool color should always observe, bloody or mucus should pay close attention to, abdominal pain, bloating, bowel stop abnormal situation should be promptly consult a doctor.

3, sports:

After surgery, his condition slowly recovery, patients should pay attention to proper exercise can do broadcast gymnastics, and walk, which for the restoration of physical help, also can promote metabolism and increase immunity. Exercise every day to maintain a healthy body, a stoma is no exception. But strenuous exercise, such as boxing, weightlifting is to avoid. Daily activities should be based on their own capacity to plan and adjust, such as the plan to take 2 times a day, every time 10 ~ 15 minutes, to be adapted to gradually increase. The physical discomfort should be relatively reduced, can not act with undue haste.

After colorectal surgery for nursing is very important, the majority of the patients must be positive attention, from eating and living habits should pay attention to and do some daily nursing, which for the recovery of the disease is a great help, hope patients should pay attention to the!

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