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Note taking antihypertensive drugs

Updated: Saturday, Mar 15,2014, 9:56:55 PM
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Hypertension is called the human health, " the silent killer" because patients with this disease not only quantity , but also health hazards caused by large , severe coronary heart disease , diabetes , heart failure , high cholesterol , kidney disease , peripheral arterial disease, stroke , left ventricular hypertrophy and other complications , the most terrible will happen cerebral hemorrhage caused deaths. So, how scientific , rational drug use is very important.

In addition to the guidance of a doctor selected for their disease drug treatment, taking antihypertensive medication must also be aware of the following "three bogey " :

A bogey free intermittent medication

Hypertension is currently recognized as the world's primary risk factors lead to stroke. The higher the blood pressure, and high blood pressure the longer the duration , the higher the likelihood of stroke . Many patients often feel during treatment to alleviate the symptoms or disappear , intermittent treatment on self-assertion , in fact, this method is very good medication can cause low blood pressure fluctuated , not long-term control of blood pressure . Hypertension causes complex , has no cure , only symptomatic antihypertensive treatment must therefore be lifelong treatment . If after taking antihypertensive drugs lower blood pressure to normal levels, only that this time the choice of taking a dose of antihypertensive drugs and basic appropriate blood pressure under control , and can not explain hypertension has been cured or heart, brain, renal vascular involvement occurring lesions has returned to normal , so should adhere to treatment . Of course , after a phase of stable blood pressure , may be appropriate to reduce the dose under a doctor's guidance. From the current situation , the majority of hypertensive patients require lifelong medication to persevere .

Second, avoid bedtime medication

The purpose of hypertensive patients taking antihypertensive drugs , in order to control high blood pressure and prevent complications. And when people fall asleep , because human "biological clock" control , plus the body is at rest , blood pressure can drop naturally . Experts have observed that when people fall asleep blood pressure can be decreased by 20 %, and 2 hours after falling asleep most obvious. If the patient served antihypertensive drugs before going to sleep , two hours is also efficient of antihypertensive drugs , so two roles overlap , can lead to decreased blood pressure , so that vital organs heart, brain, kidney insufficiency occurs , and even induce cerebral or myocardial infarction. Peak blood pressure due to appear in the 6 to 12 o'clock every day , so the clinical advocated arranged in the morning taking antihypertensive drugs to control high blood pressure peak , the prevention of complications of positive significance . In addition to high blood pressure, known at that time , in general, should be avoided before bedtime antihypertensive drugs. If the medication several times a day, every day should be the timing of the last dose at bedtime for 3 to 4 hours.

Three bogey simple drug treatment

Drug intervention is required principles of treatment of patients with hypertension , but while taking the drug adjust their lifestyles in order to play a more effective drug efficacy , favorable blood pressure stable.

1 , so that a reasonable diet. Energy intake should be controlled to restrict fat intake . Eat more potassium, low sodium , calcium -rich foods , limiting salt intake , eat more fresh vegetables , fruits, and quit alcohol limit .

2 , do regular exercise . In addition to the movement can promote blood circulation , reduce cholesterol production , but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, improve sleep. The best choice for patients with hypertension walking, jogging , tai chi , cycling , swimming and other aerobic exercise , aerobic exercise can lower blood pressure.

3 , do psychological balance. Mental performance of patients with hypertension is tension, irritability , mood swings, these are also the cause of elevated blood pressure . Patients can change their behavior, culture and society on the natural environment good ability to adapt and avoid excessive emotional tension, anxiety , failing to calm, cool , make their living in the best state in order to maintain a stable blood pressure .

Practice has proved that hypertensive patients if their condition seriously , optimistic lives up to the same effect can be achieved longevity .

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