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Non-drug treatment of high blood pressure

Updated: Friday, Nov 27,2009, 10:23:15 AM
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Non-drug treatment including the improvement of methods to eliminate is not conducive to mental and physical health, behavior and habits, to reduce high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease risk, specifically including:
1. Weight loss recommended body mass index (BMI, kg/M2) should be controlled below 24. On the one hand to lose weight is to reduce the total calorie intake, emphasizing low fat, and limit the excessive intake of carbohydrates, some would increase physical exercise. The speed of weight loss can vary, but the first time, the best to alleviate the weight loss of 5 kg weight loss in order to enhance confidence and later according to subjective symptoms and related indicators has decided to further the speed of weight loss and goals.
2. Using reasonable diet according to China's situation to improve the diet to prevent high blood pressure makes the following recommendations:

    ◇ WHO recommendations to reduce salt food intake per person per day no more than 6g. My diet is about 80% of the sodium salt from cooking or high-salt products, salt restriction, therefore we must first reduce the high salt content of cooking salt and spices, Eat a variety of pickled vegetables and salted foods.

    ◇ reduce the amount of dietary fat to add high-quality animal protein, eggs, proposes to improve the food structure, reduce the high fatty pork, increase with higher protein and less fat, poultry and fish. Protein about 15% of total calories, animal protein accounted for 20% of total protein.

    ◇ attention to Chinese dietary supplement of potassium and calcium potassium calcium, potassium should be increased and more high-calcium foods such as leafy green vegetables, milk, soy products.

    ◇ studies have shown that eating plenty of vegetables and fruits to increase intake of vegetables or fruit, reducing fat intake can decrease in SBP and DBP. Vegetarians have lower blood pressure than meat-eaters, its role in blood pressure may be based on fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber and low fat combination.

    ◇ limit drinking despite evidence of a very small amount of alcohol may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, but the drinking and blood pressure levels and prevalence of hypertension among Quecheng linear correlation and therefore do not advocate using a small amount of alcohol against coronary heart disease , to promote high blood pressure patients should stop drinking because alcohol can increase the resistance to taking antihypertensive drugs. Men such as drinking alcohol recommended daily amount of alcohol should be less than 20 ~ 30g, females should be less than 10 ~ 15g.

3. To increase physical activity each of the participating sports people, particularly the elderly and hypertensive patients before exercise is best to know your own physical condition, to determine their own movement type, intensity, frequency and sustained exercise time. Right of the elderly should include aerobics, stretching and strengthening exercises three types of muscle strength, specific projects, choose walking, jogging, tai chi, croquet, and qigong, disco and so on. Exercise intensity should vary, according to the requirements of the scientific exercise, common indicators of exercise intensity during exercise increases the maximal heart rate reached the age of 180 (or 170), such as requiring precision by the use of maximum heart rate of 60% ~ 85% as the appropriate exercise heart rate, required under the guidance of the physician. Movement frequency generally require 3 to 5 times a week, each time for 20 to 60 minutes, according to campaigners physical condition and the variety of choice and climate conditions may be.

4. To reduce the psychological stress to maintain a balance
5. Other aspects of smoking cessation in patients with hypertension is also important, although nicotine is only a one-time blood pressure increased, but it reduces medication compliance, and increase the dose of antihypertensive drugs.

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