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Movement of coronary heart disease health approach

Updated: Sunday, Mar 16,2014, 9:36:14 PM
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Coronary artery disease who can not rely on medication, combination therapy should be taken , where movement is indispensable recipe.

Aerobic exercise best

Clinical practice has proved that all types of sports people can improve coronary heart disease , but the best aerobic exercise , such as jogging , swimming, brisk walking , tai chi , cycling and so on. These movements can exercise the heart, lungs and other organs, and accelerate the recovery of coronary heart disease. Not only that, insist on doing aerobic exercise , but also the deposition of cholesterol transport out of the vessel wall , thereby reducing the extent of atherosclerosis . Moreover , coronary heart disease who insist on doing aerobic exercise , can improve the resilience of the heart , reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac death .

Exercise should be gradual

Patients participating in sports, physical activity should start small , gentle slow to follow the principle of gradual increase in physical activity , exercise intensity should not be too large . Clinical practice has shown that heart patients over 40 years old , your maximum heart rate during exercise should not exceed 120 beats per minute is appropriate, there is a history of angina in patients with the highest heart rate during exercise should be at 110 beats per minute or less . Changes in the movement of patients should also contact your doctor promptly .

Exercise Caution

Before starting the movement , coronary heart disease should be routine for the resting ECG ; usual meditation excessive occupation, exercise testing should be done , namely monitoring and recording of ECG in the car or rub on the treadmill while walking . Exercise program to be implemented after the approval of a doctor's consent . Once in motion , chest tightness , chest pain , extreme fatigue or other symptoms should immediately stop exercising , consult a physician .

For people with coronary heart disease , exercise time best choice in the afternoon, afternoon sports safer. Because cardiovascular patients 6 to 12 o'clock in the morning most prone to ischemic injury and cardiac arrhythmias, increased cardiac load if engaged in sport at this time, naturally more accidents.

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