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Hypertension: what food is conducive to buck?

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 05,2014, 5:25:25 PM
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Hypertension is a chronic disease of typical, light relies on medical treatment is not enough, daily life should pay attention to self nursed back to health and health care, especially in terms of diet, more attention than the ordinary people. However, in the face of a superb collection of beautiful things of the food, what food is conducive to buck? What kind of food is not suitable for hypertensive patients eat?

The most important food on the human body is "six big nutrients", namely protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. People can through the plant and animal intake to these six major nutrients, hypertension patients in the uptake of the six major nutrients, should pay attention to what to eat, what not to eat.

1 proteins: too much fat processing process is relatively complex, the food is not fit for hypertensive patients with food, such as pork, beef, pork, tuna, bacon, sausage, especially edible but not overweight, obese hypertensive patients. Hypertensive patients daily preferably through lean pork, beef, eggs, milk, soy products intake of protein. Protein is not easy to digest, easy to increase the burden on the heart, so patients with hypertension should be appropriate intake of protein, the protein content in the food daily per kilogram of body weight less than 1 grams is appropriate.

2 carbohydrate: is the main source of the energy needed to maintain life activities, hypertension patients can choose rice, porridge, noodles, taro, soft beans (i.e., fresh beans, without drying and other processing), as far as possible without sweet potatoes, dried beans as a staple food.

3 fat: hypertension patients the best use of vegetable oil in cooking food, try not to use animal oil (such as lard).

4 vitamins and minerals: hypertension patients to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits of these foods high in vitamin content, can eat more tomatoes, carrots, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, apple, pear and grape. And bamboo shoots, burdock, mustard, spicy vegetables to eat.

5 water: water is the best natural diuretic, if micturition in hypertensive patients with normal function, should increase the amount of water, but should notice seasonable micturition. In addition, alcoholic drinks, drinks to try to drink less, effect of alcohol on blood pressure is very large, the best drinking.

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