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How to prevent gastric cancer? How should they care?

Updated: Thursday, Apr 03,2014, 8:43:47 PM
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Complex etiology of gastric cancer , the exact pathogenesis is not clear, in order to reduce the incidence and mortality of gastric cancer should be carried out in secondary prevention . That is the cause of prevention Primary prevention refers to try to control and prevent suspicious known carcinogens . Secondary prevention is found in natural populations susceptible individuals , and to the regular follow-up checks , in order to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.
1 , a prevention

( 1 ) pay attention to food hygiene , to avoid over- stimulating diet and eat smoked products. Alcohol moderation , eating regularly to prevent overeating, to reduce the incidence of gastritis and peptic ulcer .

( 2 ) change the traditional method of preserving food salted or smoked , etc., are widely used fresh frozen storage method.

( 3 ) reduction of salt in food intake , daily intake of 6g or less controlled .

( 4 ) regular consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.

( 5 ) eat milk and dairy products.

( 6 ) increase the content of the food fresh fish , meat and other proteins.

( 7 ) Regular consumption of garlic.

( 8 ) HP eradication of gastric infection . Long-term therapy in patients with stomach ulcers or stomach polyps larger than 2cm should prompt surgical treatment of patients with atrophic gastritis should be regular follow-up endoscopy , have a certain preventive significance.

Studies have shown that :

① cancer can not be formed in the weakly alkaline body ;

② cancer only in the formation of acid in the body ;

③ If you have cancer , indicating that the body is acidic ;

④ cancer only in an acidic body extension ;

⑤ If your body is weak alkaline , cancer can not be extended ;

⑥ If you can balance your body PH value , so that your body into weak alkaline , no matter what you have to change and cancer has been cured ;

⑦ No matter how bad your situation , even if only six months to live , if you can change your body PH value to weak alkaline , your cancer will not be extended , will be good ;

⑧ not worry about your family, your mom, dad or anyone with cancer , as long as your body is alkaline , you will not have to , if you already have, it will change;

⑨ are acidic body fluids of cancer survival , nothing else . If your body is acidic, you will get cancer . If it is a weak base , and you will not get cancer. If you already have cancer , as long as you can adjust your body 's PH value to weak alkaline , cancer will go away .

The secret is very simple to prevent cancer is to eat alkaline foods to prevent the accumulation of acidic wastes , because the acidification of the fluid environment is fertile ground for normal cell cancerous , adjust the pH balance of body fluids is an effective way to prevent cancer.

A) to develop good habits, quit alcohol limit . Smoking , the World Health Organization predicts that if people are not smoking , five years later, the cancer of the world will be reduced by 1 / 3 ; Secondly , no alcohol . Tobacco and alcohol is extremely acidic acid , long-term smoking and drinking , can easily lead to acidic .

B) Do not eat too much salty and spicy food , do not eat hot, cold , overdue and bad food ; frail or have some disease genes are appropriate to eat some anti-cancer foods and high alkali content alkaline foods to maintain good mental state.

C) have a good mentality to cope with stress , work and rest , do not fatigue . Visible pressure is an important incentive for cancer , Chinese medicine, stress leads to fatigue physically weak to cause decreased immune function, endocrine disorders , metabolic disorders , resulting in the deposition of acidic substances in the body ; pressure can lead to mental stress caused by stagnation of qi and blood stasis , toxic fire retraction and so on.

D) to enhance physical activity , enhance physical fitness , exercise in the sun , and more acidic the body sweat can be excreted with the sweat and avoid the formation of acidic .

E) life to the law , irregular habits of people, such as the night singing karaoke OK, playing mahjong, night out and other living without the law , will increase the acidic , prone to cancer . Should develop good habits, so as to maintain alkaline constitution , so far from their various cancer diseases .

F) not to eat contaminated food , such as contaminated water , crops, poultry, fish balls , moldy food, eat some organic food , to prevent the disease from the mouth
2 , secondary prevention

( 1 ) the population census carried out in a high incidence of gastric cancer : early gastric cancer which is found in a significant way . The key issue is that the early detection of gastric cancer prevention . Census is an important measure for early detection of gastric cancer , where over 40 years of age . Have a history of stomach longer , or stomach symptoms significantly in recent months , should be listed as the census . Japan nearly thirty years of application of X-ray double contrast with gastric cancer screening cars for residents over 40 years old census , can stomach cancer mortality decreased by 27 %. Although Japan has made remarkable achievements in terms of gastric cancer screening , but there are some problems to be solved . First application of X-ray double contrast radiography indirect method as screening , diagnosis methods and then endoscopy or X- ray examination to be precise , is not only costly , but also for early gastric cancer misdiagnosis rate of up to 27.2% . Secondly, due to the current natural history of gastric cancer is still a lack of understanding , and therefore should be spaced two censuses how long it is hard to define .

( 2 ) establish a stomach specialist outpatient hospital patients to reduce misdiagnosis , is another way of early detection of gastric cancer. Since early gastric cancer is often no obvious symptoms , the symptoms of advanced gastric cancer is also non-specific, and therefore easily misdiagnosed as chronic stomach gastritis or gastric ulcer . Summary of domestic cases in the past have been diagnosed with symptoms of stomach cancer , diagnosed within three months only 29 % more than one year were diagnosed as high as 33%. Even higher levels of Shanghai Medical gastric first visit to the hospital to an average time of diagnosis have 113 days to hospital more than four months before it was diagnosed in 26.2% of cases . So how to improve the rate of early diagnosis to hospital patients , reducing hospital misdiagnosed , is to improve the efficacy of gastric another key .

( 3 ) do the follow-up of patients susceptible : Known atrophic gastritis, gastric polyps , gastric ulcer, gastric remnant , moderate and severe dysplasia and intestinal metaplasia colonic dysfunction patients , the incidence of gastric cancer is higher. Therefore, before the above-mentioned state of gastric precancerous lesions and aggressive treatment , regular follow-up examination, early detection of gastric cancer and a way . Some scholars believe that , for medical treatment or prolonged healing of chronic severe scarring ulcers, stomach multiple polyps , larger than 2cm in solitary polyps and severe dysplasia , due to a high degree of cancerous tendency can be taken to surgery . Follow-up on the remnant stomach , it was suggested that :

① Where surgery before the age of 40 , after 20 years from once a year.

② Where surgery after the age of 40 , after 10 years from once a year.

③ chronic bile reflux , postoperative once a year within 10 years .

Diet care after gastrectomy

Recovery after gastrectomy diet is very important , both to compensate for preoperative chronic wasting disease , but also to fill the loss of surgical trauma. Should therefore adopt the stomach for an extended period of five meals, ensure adequate nutrition , high protein , high vitamin and vitamin A, B, C content of adequate food, in order to promote wound repair . Such as eggs , milk and its products, lean meat , tofu , soy milk and other soy products , fresh vegetables and ripe fruit. Avoid eating strong irritant and non-digestible food , such as pepper, celery , wine, coffee, tea , and crude fiber and more celery, leek.

Cooking methods should be careful not to adopt fried, fried , smoked and raw mix and other methods, in order to avoid difficult to digest , using steam, boil , braise , stew and other cooking methods. Trauma and surgical patients should be weak body completely after rehabilitation , then gradually transition to a normal ordinary diet. Because after gastrectomy , the volume decreased absorption of food nutrients are affected, so pay attention to the amount of the increase in daily dietary vitamin D content of many foods , such as animal offal and carrots , etc., in order to prevent post-surgical bone softening disease. Also, do not rush to get out of bed after dinner , bed rest , do not eat high-sugar diet to prevent dumping syndrome.

Gastrectomy patients should pay attention to dietary calcium, vitamin D foods , which is beneficial to bone calcification . Animal foods such as egg yolks , liver, containing retinol high. Some plant foods , such as yellow and red vegetables and fruits contain beta; - carotene , can be converted in the liver to a high calcium foods vitamin A. There are various soy products, dairy and oatmeal, cabbage , Chinese cabbage, carrots, celery , pumpkin , radish , spinach , gourds , leeks , dandelion, melon, etc. . Some nuts and seeds are high in calcium foods , such as dried almonds , walnuts , hazelnuts, sunflower seeds , etc. There are oranges and other fruits . Some vegetables and spinach , amaranth, water spinach contains oxalic dishes are affect the absorption of calcium, oxalate -containing vegetables can be boiled in boiling water , so the first part of oxalic acid dissolved in water , filtered water and then fried. Note fermentation agent added flour, corn flour, soybean meal , fermentation time and extend , can phytate hydrolysis and increased intracellular free calcium , calcium easily absorbed.

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