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How to prevent gall stone

Updated: Monday, Jul 13,2015, 1:48:03 PM
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Gall stone is a common disease of biliary system, which has a great relationship with the formation of the disease and life habits. So, how do we need to prevent the occurrence of gall stone? What is the attention symptom of gall stone? Want to know these can help you stay away from gallstones.

How to prevent gall stone

1, not holding back urine, drink more urine is useful in bacteria, carcinogenic substances and the stone material rapidly excreted and reduce the chance of kidney and bladder injury.

2, people think that beer can diuretic, can prevent the occurrence of urinary stones. In fact, brewer's wort containing calcium, oxalate, Ukrainian nucleotide and purine nucleotides acidic substances, they are used, increase the uric acid in the body, become the important cause of kidney stones.

3, control of the intake of meat and animal offal, due to produce uric acid metabolism of meat, animal offal is high purine foods, catabolism also can produce high blood uric acid and uric acid is component of the formation of stones.

Therefore, the daily diet should be based on a vegetarian diet, more food containing cellulose rich food.

4, too salty diet will increase the burden on the kidney, and salt and calcium in the body has a synergistic effect, and can interfere with the prevention and treatment of kidney stones in the metabolic process.

Daily intake of salt should be less than 5 grams.

5, as more calcium in milk, and most of them contain calcium salt stones. The most dangerous factor in the formation of stones is the sudden increase in the concentration of calcium in urine. Drink milk after 2 ~ 3 hours,

It is the peak of calcium through the kidney, so when it is in a sleep state, urine concentration, calcium through the kidney more, it is easy to form stones.

6, after taking the calcium ion concentration in the urine, oxalic acid and uric acid will be increased, urine acidity increased, can make uric acid calcium, calcium oxalate easy to precipitate, to promote the formation of stones.

7, the row of the peak Ca2 often after a meal 4 ~ 5 hours, if the dinner too late, when the calcium excretion peak arrival, people have gone to bed, urine retention in the ureter, bladder, urethra, urinary tract, cannot promptly eduction body outside, resulting in increasing of calcium in urine, easy deposition to form small crystals, with the passage of time, gradually expand the formation of stones.

8, vegetables and fruits contain vitamin B1 and vitamin C, they are in the body of the final metabolites are alkaline, uric acid in the alkaline urine is easy to dissolve, it is conducive to the treatment and prevention of stones.

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