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How to prevent diabetes

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 02,2016, 1:54:41 PM
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Diabetes is a common disease, is characterized by high blood glucose metabolic disease, easily lead to a variety of organizations, especially the chronic damage the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nerves and dysfunction. Due to lifestyle and unhealthy levels of increase in China in the past 30 years the growth of diabetic patients is very fast, this is a very bad phenomenon. As a healthy person, how to maintain a healthy life, away from diabetes? Pay attention to what the daily life?

In fact, the principle of diabetes is mainly due to biological role of glycogen intake, insulin secretion or insulin impaired and leads to excess sugar in the body, resulting in the formation of diabetes. Therefore, the daily can prevent diabetes from these three aspects:

1, limit the appetite. Reasonable arrangements for their daily meal appetite, to avoid excessive intake of sugar and fat, it is understood that obese people lose 5% of their body weight can the reduction in incidence of diabetes 70%.

2, eat more roughage. One can through other grains to reduce its daily appetite; on the other hand, eat high fiber foods, fruit, cereal foods such as corn, oats, celery, etc., can effectively reduce the diabetes incidence. A study found that eating fruits and vegetables likely most people with type 2 diabetes than people eating at least 21%.

3, ten thousand steps a day. I believe that many patients with diabetes are advised to on line 10000 steps mainly because when walking in insulin can get the maximum use, as long as we persevere, diabetes risk can be reduced by 80%. China study also pointed out that the hyperglycemia walk, a risk reduction of 40%.

4, drink coffee. It is understood, diabetic patients if can insist on a day to drink six cups does not contain sugar and cream coffee, suffering from diabetes risk can be reduced about 29%. This is because coffee contains potassium, magnesium and oxidant can help cells toabsorbthe sugar, but if the amount is too small, almost no effect.

5, to ensure adequate sleep time. The probability of lack of sleep or too much can increase people suffering from diabetes, 6-8 hours of sleep every day to ensure the best.

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