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Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 4:26:59 PM
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Also known as nephritis. Occurred in bilateral renal glomerular allergic diseases.

Glomerulonephritis is a common form of kidney disease is divided into two kinds of acute and chronic. Acute nephritis acute onset, short course, good hair in the 4 to 14-year-old children (who are concentrated, such as kindergartens, primary schools, etc. Susilo Bambang), more men than women. The disease mostly occurs in streptococcal infection, the majority of cases 2 ~ 3 weeks ago had pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other precursors to infection, but whether the incidence of infection between the degree of non-parallel relationship. 40% of the patients sought treatment for first discovered haematuria; 90% of the cases are edema, after the morning and see the light by swollen eyelids, severe cases, extended and generalized edema. Even a pleural effusion, ascites, dyspnea, and abdominal distention occurs, some patients have high blood pressure and headache, urine tests almost all contain protein (proteinuria). There is no effective therapy for treating blocked incidence of links, focusing on protection of the body's resistance to diseases, prevention of exacerbations. Acute patients had to stay in bed for 4 to 6 weeks, diet should be noted that low salt, low protein and appropriate restrictions on drinking water. At the same time accompanied by the necessary medication. Chang died of acute nephritis cured by 2 to 6 weeks or so a variety of symptoms can disappear on their own, natural cure rate as high as 90%. Small number of patients, because there is serious damage to nephron renal failure or heart failure death, while others are persistent chronic, it is very necessary to review on a regular basis. Chronic nephritis more common in young adults 20 to 40 years of age, longer duration, with a slow, progressive trends. The cause is not yet clear, many patients the cause is still with bacteria, viruses, drugs or other substances in the body caused by allergy related. Clinical manifestations of varying degrees of proteinuria, hematuria, edema, hypertension and renal dysfunction. The natural course of chronic nephritis vary widely, and some 2 to 3 years, he entered the end, there are considerable number of patients 10 years of maintaining a relatively good renal function. Serious development of uremia. Uremia caused by a variety of reasons by the renal units of large-scale damage caused by the performance of renal dysfunction, urinary tract, in vivo metabolites, including toxic substances, retention, and homeostasis of serious disorder, for life-threatening great.

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