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Gastroptosis Symptoms

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 23,2009, 4:37:08 PM
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Gastroptosis is a common chronic digestive system diseases, in fact, is not the true meaning gastroptosis the names of diseases, but an X-ray diagnosis of the name. It is due to ligament relaxation of the fixed stomach, stomach change shape as well as the stomach, lower the tension caused by the location of the stomach down, thus leading to a series of clinical symptoms. Normal and short fat shape by the stomach Duocheng horn-shaped, tension, higher, pyloric stomach angle than the lower. All power was hook-shaped body by the stomach, tension appropriate, Helicobacter pylori and gastric angle at a certain level. Slender elongated shape by the stomach, nervous power is low, stomach drooping corner, below the pylorus, such as the gastric angle notch below the two iliac crest at the level between the lines, commonly known as gastroptosis, within less than 1cm ~ 5cm mild ptosis of the stomach, greater than 10cm was severe ptosis of the stomach.

Generally mild ptosis of the stomach is not accompanied by gastritis, no obvious symptoms, moderate or severe ptosis of the stomach, or gastritis associated with delayed gastric emptying may occur, stomach food retention, causing the patient felt abdominal fullness, belching, nausea, the whole abdominal distension, increased meal , as well as indigestion. Patients often versus "Weiruo", "stomach soft", did not dare eat more rice, as after a meal symptoms, the patients in a long time to reduce appetite, weight loss, even more aggravated gastroptosis degree, but also commonly used, such as the stomach acid-suppressing agents, antispasmodic agents the results will often not obvious. At present, for the treatment of Gastroptosia to dietary conditioning, Chinese medicine, and comprehensive therapy.

Gastroptosis refers to X-ray examination, it was found lower than normal in terms of the location of the stomach. The occurrence of this disease on the quality of the body, such as ordinary times, or body weight loss after a long illness, resulting in the abdominal wall tension changes, the lack of abdominal fat, or muscle relaxation, to reduce abdominal pressure, and the inability of organizations to support organ and the organ itself, weakness, can cause ptosis of the stomach. Peristalsis occurs after the occurrence gastroptosis slow, tension force is low, extended emptying time, resulting in functional changes.

Mainly in patients with sensory loss of appetite, reduced food intake, abdominal fullness, belching, abdominal bulge, the Ministry of Xin Wo heavy discomfort and constipation embolism, there will be more dilute, or those who will be meeting. Accompanied by lack of energy, fatigue weakness, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. As for X-ray barium meal examination of gastric lesser curvature curve can be seen the lowest point in the iliac crest connection below the stomach was unable to form type.

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