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Gall stone what fruit to eat good

Updated: Monday, Jul 13,2015, 1:43:27 PM
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Gall stone is a disease caused by the stones in the gallbladder. It is a common disease. Along with the age increasing, the incidence rate also gradually increases, the female is obviously more than male. With the improvement of living standards, changes in eating habits, health conditions improve, the cholelithiasis has dominated by the bile duct bile pigment calculus gradually transformed into cholesterol gallstone. In the United States, the incidence of gallbladder stones rate is 10% ~ 15%, newly diagnosed gallstone patients each year about 1 million people a year to receive cholecystectomy surgery patients, about 7 00000, gallstone formation is very complex, some factors can not be changed. For example: increasing age, female sex, race, gene and family history; some are acquired factors, in part can be reversed, such as pregnancy, obesity, low fiber, high fever card diet, fasting for a long time, some drugs such as ceftriaxone, lipid-lowering drugs, oral contraceptives, rapid weight loss, metabolic syndrome, special disease and so on.

Calcium oxalate deposition in vivo is gallstone formation is key, so patients with gallstones should eat what fruit to account for this kind of fruit is capable of inhibiting calcium oxalate formation and reduce the intake of calcium oxalate. Rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin C of fruit on the dissolution of gallstones are good, you can eat some more. Well, what fruit to eat?

Below some of the fruit, the patient is beneficial to gall stone:

1, rich in vitamin B1 fruit: orange, red dates, bananas, watermelon, apples, tomatoes.

2, rich in vitamin C fruit: kiwi, oranges, lemons, etc..

In addition, watermelon, pears and other fruits rich in moisture can also eat, to help urination.

The formation of gall stone is very complex, the deposition of calcium oxalate can be considered as a key. Therefore, the need to pay attention to reduce the intake of calcium oxalate and inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate.

In the fruit, grapes, oranges, tomatoes and plums, these fruits, are relatively high in the fruit of the fruit, gall stone patients for the best eat less.

Second is the fruit is too high to eat too much sugar, which is too much sugar can cause the formation of stones.

Rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin C of fruit, for the dissolution of gallstones is a good, this fruit can eat some.

For patients with gallstones, is the best way for drinking water, so as to contain large amounts of water on the fruit you can eat some, such as watermelon, pears.

In the fruit, grapes, cocoa, oranges, tomatoes, plums, these are higher in the fruit containing oxalic acid, gall stone patients should eat less. Second, the fruit is too high to eat sugar, because sugar is too much, especially lactose will also create the conditions for the formation of stones. Again, do not eat the fruit with alkaline, such as persimmon.

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