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Gall stone can drink soya bean milk?

Updated: Monday, Jul 13,2015, 1:47:16 PM
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Gall stone can drink soya bean milk? We know that gallstones is usually divided into three categories that cholesterol stones, bile pigment stones and mixed stones (cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium, and other organic compounds, inorganic hybrid). Dietary factors in predisposing factors of gallstones occupy an important position, fat, egg yolk, animal offal, etc. this kind of high saturated fat, high cholesterol food, cholelithiasis patients need to limit consumption.

However, soy products contain plant sterols and cholesterol in animal foods are essentially different. Research shows, bean products do not belong to the risk factors of gallstones, and plant sterols can regulate cholesterol. Take tofu as an example, every 100 grams of tofu is only 3.7 grams of fat, for the low fat plants, not the risk factors of gallstones.

Moreover, the calcium in soy products will not induce gallstones. Some patients think that the calcium rich in soybean products, consumption will increase the risk of gallstones. Bean products in calcium content is indeed higher, per 100 grams of tofu in 164 mg of calcium, which belongs to the high calcium food; but with the Chinese residents dietary element reference the recommended daily intake of calcium intake of 800 ~ 1000 mg compared, soy feeding will not lead to excessive intake of calcium. In contrast, the right amount of soy products is conducive to prevention of calcium deficiency caused by the lack of nutrition.

Some ingredients in soy products can also promote cholesterol excretion. Such as saponins are rich in soy products rich in other plant chemicals, can promote the excretion of cholesterol from the body, and then prevent abnormal lipid.

Barriers to the regularity of cholelithiasis patients in the diet should be timing quantitative, eat much food, not too full. In the diet structure, strict control of fat and cholesterol containing foods, such as fat, fried foods, animal offal, etc. because of gallstone formation and in vivo cholesterol metabolism and have a certain relationship. Not drinking and eating spicy food, should eat more carrots, green vegetables, beans, soy milk and other non-staple food. The turnip choleretic effect, and can help fat digestion and absorption; vegetables containing large amounts of vitamins, cellulose, beans contains rich vegetable protein. In addition, should supplement some fruit, fruit juice, etc., to compensate for the inflammation caused by body fluid and vitamin loss.

Cholelithiasis patients are generally advised to a low fat, low cholesterol diet. Fat, fried food, containing fat and more nuts, seeds and nuts food and egg yolk, animal brain, liver, kidney and roe, etc. food are advised to strictly control. The usual diet should also be in easy to digest, less junk food to avoid generating gas. All the liquor, stimulate food, strong spices can promote contraction of the gallbladder and the biliary sphincter cannot relax in time, causing bile flow, so that the outbreak of acute cholecystitis, so should be avoided. Acute exacerbation timely given low-fat, easily digestible liquid or semi liquid food; severe cases, should be fasting, gastrointestinal decompression and intravenous fluids.

In general, the formation of stones is closely related to the life style, such as high sugar, high energy, animal fat, fried food, and some diseases. But on the basis of the control diet, gallstones in patients with moderate intake of bean products not only harmless but useful.

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