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Family nursing and diet method of gallstone disease

Updated: Monday, Jul 13,2015, 1:42:32 PM
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The main function of the gallbladder is to store the bile secreted by the liver, and after eating it, it releases the bile, which is involved in the digestion of food. If there are some stones in the gallbladder, which are composed of different components, the condition is called gallstones. The cause of gallstones is because of the high fat content of the food, the amount of cholesterol that causes the liver to release more than the amount of bile acids. So the excess cholesterol in the formation of crystals, about 80% of the gallstones are produced, and another 29% is a combination of calcium and bilirubin products.

The shape and size of gall stone are different, some big and smooth, some small and pointed, some of them are crystalline, and some are like mud. Gallstones may be in the gallbladder, or through the bile duct into the duodenum, these two cases do not produce symptoms. If the stones are stuck in the bile duct, it will cause the bile duct.

When the stone was stuck in the bile duct, the upper right abdomen or interscapular pain occurred. If the stones fall back into the gallbladder, or forced through the bile duct into the small intestine, resulting in the obstruction of the cause of colic disappeared, the pain will subside. If the card of gallstones in the bile duct for a period of time, it will block the way of bile, resulting in obstructive jaundice. If the way of bile is blocked, another kind of harm is bile retention together, cause inflammation of the gallbladder or infection, gallstones, but also easy to induction of pancreatitis. Stones may also cause gallbladder or bile duct tumor. In patients with gallstones, women were significantly more than men, and those who were more than 40 years of age.

Family therapy

The diet

Proper control of diet, avoid excessive consumption of any food will cause pain or indigestion.

Attention to the prevention of

If you have severe pain like cholecystalgia, should go to see a doctor, take a blood sample analysis, and X-ray examination.

The bed rest immediately

If the occurrence of the biliary colic, should go to bed, when necessary, take some analgesic, but do not eat, and occasionally a small amount of drinking water.

The choice of operation

If the X-ray irradiation showed gallstones, but the patient does not have any symptoms, avoid surgical operation. Sometimes, gall stones may be slippery, obstruction of the pipe, causing colic. This happens, you may have to suck out the operation or by force will remove stones. Sometimes, gall stones do not need to be crushed by surgery.

- lose weight

The incidence rate of fat people gallstones is very high. Overweight women at the age of 40, and has given birth to a child, very prone to diseases of the gallbladder. So if you have the above conditions, please be vigilant.

The more exercise

The benefits of exercise we in other chapters have been introduced, here longer tautology, you only need to know it in patients with gallstones are equally important. Please don't let the stones move, break you.

Nutrition and diet therapy

- eat more vegetables

Eat more fresh vegetables every day, you can eat some apples, yogurt, egg, fish, sweet production etc.. As far as possible to drink pure Apple Juice, pear juice is also good, also has the role of liver sugar beet juice.

The food should be avoided

To avoid all kinds of animal fat, meat, fried food, spicy food, artificial cream, soft drinks, coffee, sugar, chocolate, etc.. Alcohol and stimulating food or strong spices can lead to gall stone attack, should try to avoid.

- added fiber Chahar

High fiber low-fat diet is conducive to the dissolution of cholesterol in bile, high fiber foods include whole grains, vegetables, beans, wheat bran and other. Fat is not easy to completely ban, because the formation of fat is too low also easy to promote gallstone.

- drink plenty of water

More water can reduce the viscosity of the blood, but also conducive to the secretion of bile.

- try pumpkin seeds

Eat fried pumpkin seeds every day 100 - 50 grams, or permit to prevent gallstones. Because the pumpkin seed contains a large amount of phosphorus, and phosphorus can prevent the accumulation of minerals in the body into a gallstone.

The prevention of stone medicine a ginger

Often eat ginger or ginger, add some ginger or cook, can not only improve the cooking smell, and can prevent gallstones. The ginger contains ginger powder, inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, reduce the formation of stones of crystal nucleus formation and bile mucin, and thus play a role in the prevention of gallstones.

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