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Elderly patients with chronic gastritis symptoms

Updated: Monday, Dec 21,2009, 5:33:24 PM
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Elderly patients suffering from chronic gastritis What are the symptoms when you do?

(1) dyspeptic symptoms: epigastric fullness after eating, belching, and varying degrees of loss of appetite, nausea small, noisy and a sense of flow of clear saliva, no acid reflux.

(2) similar to the ulcer symptoms: the performance of upper abdominal pain, sometimes accompanied by pain out of a comparative regularity of anti-acidic water, belching, pain when eating or serving basic drugs can ease the pain, but the number is invalid serving anti-ulcer disease medicine, stomach microscopy and X-ray examination no ulcer.

(3) gastric cancer-like symptoms: the performance of non-regularity of upper abdominal pain after eating heavier clothing basic drugs is invalid. Accompanied by loss of appetite, weight loss, weight loss, anemia and so on. There is no stomach by gastroscopy.

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