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Do 6 things to prevent cardiovascular disease

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 03,2014, 3:15:34 PM
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The heart is the foundation of people's healthy life, only heart daily normal pump function can let people have the opportunity to enjoy healthy life. So, do the following six aspects can make your heart healthier, let you enjoy life better.

Do 60 minutes of exercise a day, at least the first. If you think that is not busy things every day, then you will be busy time into a period of time, interspersed with adding exercise. Of course, you can every morning with 20 minutes to walk and then enter the working state. Fitness coach Vesa Maher (Vrusha Mehra) think, the way people exercise variety, not necessarily complete in the gym, if can, cleaning and cleaning the floor can let your heart to keep vitality.

Second, every day to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet play a decisive role to protect the heart, Hariharan said, a healthy diet includes plenty of whole grains per day, at the same time to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. If things go on like this, people will feel the body wonderful changes. In addition, more add high-quality protein, such as cheese, egg, soy, and supplement the unsaturated fatty acid. This diet can help you present a new self.

Third, not smoking, from second-hand smoke. Studies have shown, smoking prevalence of heart disease increased by two to four times, and passive smoking makes the risk increased by 30%. Therefore, in order to heart health, it is best to stay away from tobacco. Experts say, nicotine free cigarettes or electronic cigarettes to human health as harmful, if you want to make up for smoking cessation of emptiness, so when you want to smoke, can drink water and drink some juice to divert attention.

Fourth, good control of individual stress and depression. If you feel individual pressure, it is bound to affect the health of your heart. Then, when you're nervous or hesitate situation, please do not choose to smoke, drinking, overeating and other unhealthy way. If you want to try yoga, meditation, listen to music and reading, then this will help you to get rid of the bad mood, so as to protect heart health.

Fifth, get rid of overweight and obesity. Maher (Mehra) said, BMI value of more than 25 is very adverse to human body, overweight and obesity will lead to the human heart to bear greater pressure. So, to protect your heart, let the body weight maintenance is a must in the normal range.

Sixth, regular physical examination. People should have good habits to form a regular physical examination, so that not only can let you discover early in the disease, also can let you develop good personal care plan according to their index, through their own adjustment to make the body more healthy. Maher (Mehra) pointed out, especially of those who have a family history of more shall carry out regular physical examination, it is critical step for personal health.

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