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Dietary treatment of chronic antral gastritis

Updated: Monday, Dec 21,2009, 4:05:37 PM
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In chronic gastritis, the most common chronic gastric inflammation, also known as B-type gastritis, accounting for 90%, from Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) infection caused only a few due to other causes, including bile reflux, anti-inflammatory drugs , due to smoking and alcohol addiction and so on.

Helicobacter pylori may, by their own flagella movement to settle in the small cavity and the adjacent gastric mucosa epithelial surface, and can secrete toxins caused by heavy inflammation, epithelial cell membrane damage. Also secrete a variety of toxins penetrate the mucous membrane Erzhi neutrophil infiltration, chronic atrophic gastritis can be formed.

Of chronic antral gastritis diet treatment principle is to adjust the various functions of the stomach, to develop good eating habits and lifestyle. Meal when chewing food thoroughly, so that adequate food and digestive juice mixture. Food should light, less irritating, dinner Do not fullness, until the digestion of food and then sleep. Otherwise, it will increase the stomach discomfort. As far as possible in the normal diet light, less greasy, less high fat foods, such as fatty meat, butter, fried food can delay the emptying of the stomach and easy to increase the full sense of the abdomen. Should reduce the irritating foods, such as pepper, onions, curry, pepper, mustard powder, espresso, etc. are not conducive to recovery of gastric mucosal inflammation and should not be consumed. Of gastric acid secretion were reduced, such as atrophic gastritis, may give concentrated broth, chicken soup and other delicious food, to stimulate gastric acid secretion, promote appetite, high-acid gastritis (with excessive gastric acid secretion) should be banned broth, chicken Tang, as well as too much flavor of food. Meat can be cooked to the soup after cooking. Food must be doing fine, broken, soft, rotten. Cooking methods to use more steaming, boiling, braise, stew and simmer and so on. Should pay attention to eating a nutritious food, eat more protein-rich foods and high vitamin foods, to ensure an adequate body of various nutrients, preventing anemia and malnutrition, anemia and malnutrition, shall be increased in the diet rich in protein and blood red Su-iron foods such as lean meat, chicken, fish, liver, waist and other internal organs. High vitamin foods with fresh vegetables and fruits dark, such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, red dates and so on. Should pay attention to consumption of acid-base balance, when excessive gastric acid secretion, they can drink milk, soy milk, eat bread or bread to neutralize stomach acid, when the reduction of gastric acid secretion, the available concentration of the broth, chicken soup, with sour fruit or fruit juice, in order to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice to help digestion, to avoid abdominal flatulence and more fiber-containing foods such as beans, soy, sugar, celery, leeks, etc.. When suffering from atrophic gastritis, it is desirable to drink yogurt, because yogurt substance in the phospholipids tightly adsorbed on the stomach, the gastric mucosal protective effects, bringing the injured gastric mucosa have been restored, the unique element of yogurt lactose catabolism produced by lactic acid and glucuronic acid can increase the stomach acidity, inhibit harmful bacteria break down the protein toxins, while the erosion of the stomach from the toxins are conducive to the treatment of gastritis and recovery.

Spiral bacteria cause chronic gastric inflammation drug treatment should be carried out. When oral antibiotics for the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases, should also be drinking yoghurt, or add nutrition, but also avoid the side effects of antibiotics on the human body, because yogurt contains a lot of activity in bacteria, can make antibiotic drug-induced intestinal bacteria base imbalances, re-balance, while protecting the gastric mucosa. Usually must take meals volume, can not afford to eat more food preferences, while alcohol and tobacco should be taboo.

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