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Diagnostic criteria for gastric cancer patients

Updated: Thursday, Apr 03,2014, 8:24:02 PM
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Diagnostic criteria :

1 , an early manifestation of symptoms of abdominal discomfort , about 80 % of patients with this performance , nearly 50% of gastric cancer patients with significant loss of appetite or loss of appetite . Can occur late fatigue, nausea, vomiting and obstruction after back pain , difficulty eating . Vomiting ulcers occur when the tumor surface , black stools .

2 , no special signs of early signs of late visible abdominal mass , rectal examination can be mass, left supraclavicular lymph nodes , and anemia, weight loss, ascites, cachexia performance.

3, the laboratory early detection of suspicious stomach, lack of free or low stomach acid , such as hematocrit , hemoglobin , red blood cells decreased fecal occult blood ( + ) . Low total hemoglobin , albumin / globulin inversions . Water and electrolyte disorders, acid-base balance and other laboratory abnormalities .

4, X -ray double contrast barium clearly shows the outline of the stomach , peristalsis , mucosal morphology, emptying time , with or without filling defect , Kan Ying and so on. Check the accuracy rate of nearly 80 %.

5 , fiber endoscopy is the most direct and accurate gastric effective diagnostic method for diagnosis.

6 , cytology and some scholars advocate the clinical and x- ray examination of suspicious gastric cancer this check.

7, B Ultra substantive understanding of the surrounding organs metastasis .

8, CT examination to understand stomach tumor invasion , the relationship with the surrounding organs , with or without excision possible.

9 , immunology CEA, FSA, GCA, YM globulin checks.

Patients with advanced gastric cancer have upper abdominal symptoms and systemic manifestations, through X -ray barium meal examination and gastroscopy so diagnosis is not difficult to determine . Early gastric cancer is often no clear symptoms, easy to delay in diagnosis. Clinicians should increase vigilance against stomach cancer , for middle-aged patients , the recent persistent abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite , weight loss , melena or multiple fecal occult blood test was positive , especially in patients living in the high incidence of gastric cancer , or chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia , have a history of stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal anastomosis had been conducted and the relatives of those who have a history of gastric cancer should be carried out barium meal and gastroscopy for timely diagnosis.

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