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Complications of chronic rhinitis

Updated: Wednesday, May 05,2010, 4:42:23 PM
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Rhinitis clinical symptoms are different, great harm, when affect the physiological function of nasal cavity, there will be breathing disorders, caused reduced oxygen concentration, affect other tissues and organs function and metabolism, while some, such as headache, dizziness, memory loss, chest pain, chest tightness, Mi spirit wilt, and even be complicated by pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, asthma and other serious complications. When rhinitis can not receive timely treatment, affect the olfactory mucosa, the olfactory dysfunction occurs, leading to smell the smell so vain grow on trees. When the long-term recurrent sinusitis did not receive timely treatment, inflammation will spread to adjacent organs, tissues, and complications such as osteomyelitis of frontal bone, orbital bone wall inflammation and bone periostitis, subperiosteal orbital abscess, orbital cellulitis , retrobulbar optic neuritis, epidural abscess, subdural abscess, purulent meningitis, brain abscess, cavernous sinus thrombosis phlebitis variety of critical illness.

The latest domestic and international medical research confirmed that 80% of the world occurred in China, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and about Jiucheng the NPC, is a long treatment for rhinitis due to deterioration. In the work of learning, adults as rhinitis can cause headaches, brain is not awake, groggy, so that inefficiency; and young people caused by nasal congestion due to rhinitis, headache and other symptoms caused by lack of concentration, memory and academic achievements were down . Rhinitis caused by other complications included: prolonged nasal congestion without ventilation, breathing difficulties, lead to sleep apnea syndrome; patients with inferior turbinate hypertrophy, lack of sleep, oxygen, severe cases can cause cerebral infarction, hypertension, sudden heart attack and so on, few patients will even sudden death at night. Such cases have occurred in the major hospitals. Therefore rhinitis must not be taken lightly, when you or your family, friends suffering from rhinitis, it should be promptly treated to avoid severe complications.

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