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Common causes of infant constipation

Updated: Monday, Apr 19,2010, 5:36:11 PM
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① partial eclipse, picky eaters and other bad eating habits. Some children like to eat meat, fried food and fine processing of rice, flour, do not eat coarse grains, do

not like vegetables, fruits. Some children even do not eat enough fish, poultry, vegetables, but he is not moving. Such eating habits can lead to dietary fiber intake

of children. Dietary fiber in vegetables, fruits, coarse grains and wheat, corn, soybean and other seed content of the skin in more content in the fine rice flour in

little. Fish, meat, no dietary fiber in foods.

Dietary fiber is an important physiological function is to increase the volume of intestinal contents, stimulate peristalsis, the promotion of feces.

Partial eclipse, picky cause a lack of dietary fiber can not be formed in the intestine enough food residue, can not effectively stimulate the bowel movement or

cause facilitate fecal defecation reflex nervous system, causing feces to stay too long in the intestine, water is over- absorbed into a dry and hard Feces or fecal

material, the formation of constipation.

② the number of inappropriate food. Poultry meat or salty foods to eat too much bad digestion, the gastrointestinal tract stuffed full to the brim, not the normal

bowel movement, can not be excreted feces into the rectum can cause constipation. Eat too little, not enough food residues to stimulate peristalsis, so that stool in

the intestine dry harden, it can cause constipation.

③ poor bowel habits. If children do not develop good habits of daily regular bowel movements to establish a good bowel movement can not be reflected

conditions, even if the faeces had been delivered to the rectum, brain, bowel central nervous system can not pass stool signals and mobilize all relevant parts of the

body will discharge stool in a timely manner, which can cause constipation. Some children are too playful spirit of children, or something completely focused on,

"feces to the bottom door child" does not quickly go to stool, stool was forced to returned to the colon, the colon is absorbed part of the stay after becoming dry

and hard water , causing constipation.

④ mental factors. Children from a very familiar environment adapt to a sudden shift to a particular alien, very suited to the environment, will appear the

phenomenon of constipation. For example, the original home care by parents of children beginning when the nursery could be constipation. Punishment of

children, frightened or mental constipation may also occur after high tension.

⑤ intussusception, volvulus, intestinal roundworm caused by factors such as intestinal obstruction, abdominal mass intestinal squeeze intestine so narrow, would

form a constipation.

⑥ fever, obesity, malnutrition and other diseases, and hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diabetes and other diseases can cause constipation in children.

⑦ rectal prolapse, anal fissure and giant colon, rectal stricture, anal stenosis and other anorectal disorders can cause constipation.

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