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Common Syndromes of Hemorrhoids in TCM

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 16,2013, 9:21:08 PM
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Syndrome of Downward Transmission of Dampness and Heat:Main SymptomsIt is mostly seen in external hemorrhoid with infection, manifested by large volume of hematochezia, in turbid fresh red color, burning and wet sensation in the anus, or pruritus, or swelling and pain in hemorrhoid, accompanied by bitter taste in the mouth,dry mouth, poor appetite, scanty and brown urine, reddened tongue, thin, yellowish and greasy coating, slippery and rapid pulse.

Syndrome of Intestinal Collaterals Damaged by Heat: Main Symptoms It is mostly seen in internal hemorrhoid and thrombotic external hemorrhoid, manifested by blood in stool, in fresh red color, or by lump eminence in the anal border, intolerable serious pain, accompanied by constipation, dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth, feverish smothery sensation, reddened tongue, thin and yellowish coating, wiry and hesitant pulse.

Syndrome of Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis:Main Symptoms   It is often seen in phase [II internal hemorrhoid or thrombotic external hemorrhoid, manifested by prolapse of the intrarectal lump, even incarceration, or thrombosis in the anal border, edema, pain, obvious tenderness, dark red tongue, thin and whitish or yellowish coating, wiry and hesitant pulse.
Syndrome of Insufficiency of Gastrosplenic Qi:Main Symptoms: Dropping sensation in the anus, easy prolapse of hemorrhoid, pushed back by hand each time, hematochezia in slightly red color, accompanied by low spirit, lassitude, lustreless complexion, poor appetite, loose stool, pale and flabby tongue with teeth marks, thin and whitish coating, and feeble pulse.

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