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Chronic colitis diet need to pay attention to those

Updated: Friday, Sep 02,2016, 1:33:01 PM
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Chronic colitis diet: for patients with gastrointestinal diseases, diet is a big problem. How to eat how to eat for the treatment of chronic colitis is a very important thing. So for patients with chronic colitis how to do a good job in terms of diet? Let us look at the details of the relevant content.

Chronic colitis is a chronic, recurrent, multiple to colon, sigmoid colon and rectum disease site. Inflammatory edema, ulcer and bleeding in the intestine of the colon due to various pathogenic factors. Symptoms for the left lower abdominal pain, diarrhea, in a hurry.

1, a key step, purslane rice is chronic colitis how diet purslane, rice, the effective Decoction on ulcerative colitis of acute attack, purslane is the common Chinese herbal medicine Qingrejiedu, dysentery diarrhea, can also be used for food. The country to Purslane with meat fillings, dumplings, steamed bun can prevent gastroenteritis, bacterial disease, etc..

2, chronic colitis how to eat? Yam Gorgon lentil cake is also a good choice, fresh yam, red bean, yam, Gorgon m, Qi spleen root, white lentils, Gorgon astringent, Poria yam can cloud, and the Gorgon ebony convergence, and is more suitable for the specimens, disease remission can eat healthy spleen to stop diarrhea, but the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory poor, detoxification.

3, hawthorn cake buckwheat buckwheat noodles, pomegranate, fresh hawthorn, orange peel, peel, amomum fruit, Fructus aurantii, pomegranate peel, plum 10g, sugar amount, buckwheat also known as net intestinal grass, has the effect of clearing intestinal dirt.

4, chronic colitis how to eat it? The first to eat red honeysuckle Twilight porridge, sweet potato, rice, honeysuckle, ginger, sweet potato contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can enhance intestinal peristalsis, vitamin E is involved in the synthesis of large amounts of collagen in the content, can promote the healing of ulcers, and a large number of carrot contains astaxanthin has good protective effect on epithelial tissue, undoubtedly add honeysuckle will enhance the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions in sweet potato meal, combined with ginger and the role of regulating the stomach, abdominal distension, abdominal pain symptoms can be reduced.

The diet of chronic colitis: through the introduction of the above treatment of chronic colitis to help patients with chronic colitis, and hope we can pay more attention to the diet, so as to better treatment of chronic colitis.

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