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Chinese medicine treatment of rectal cancer

Updated: Friday, Oct 30,2009, 4:18:51 PM
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For prescription

【1】 prescription, Hedyotis diffusa, Rhizoma Imperatae each 120 grams. Fu Fa: Shuijianbi, day one.

【2】 prescription

60 grams of Hedyotis diffusa, Solanum nigrum, Scutellaria barbata, Silver Flower Vine 30 grams each.

Fu Fa: Shuijianbi, day one.

【3】 prescription

Angelica 15 grams, peony, Chuanxiong, Lithospermum all 9 grams, rhubarb, honeysuckle of 4.5 grams, Cimicifuga, Astragalus all 6 grams, special oyster 12 grams, 3 grams licorice, Qu Zhi decoction, taken in two . This will mainly be used for malignant tumors, clinical experience, according to Chinese medicine, the effect of Haipo satisfactory.

【4】 prescription

Constipation, blood mixed in stool when to take Angelica, Rehmannia glutinosa, dry yellow of 9 grams, pock-jen, peach kernel, almond, Citrus aurantium, Magnolia officinalis, Scutellaria baicalensis all six grams, rhubarb (appropriate addition and subtraction), licorice 4.5 g, Qu Zhi decoction, a two-clothes.

【5】 prescription

Have diarrhea, blood in the stool, Lane and other situations such as post-weight when taking angelica, peony, Chuanxiong, ginseng, Atractylodes of 9 grams, Poria 12 grams, 9 grams of cassia twig, Qu Zhi decoction, taken twice daily service a good effect.

【6】 prescription

Party: rattan pear root 60 grams, 15 grams of the root Yepu Tao, water, bayberry root 4.5 grams, 15 grams of Fern, Dioscorea bulbifera 30 grams, 15 grams off fleas, banzhilian 15 grams, 15 grams of lobelia, soil Fritillaria 15 grams, 30 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae. B: rattan pear root 12 grams, Dianthus superbus 12 grams, 12 grams of lean meat. Party C: All Brucea javanica. The whole system of law Party C Brucea crush, add water to cook twice the combined concentration of ethanol added processing, to filter, recycling ethanol concentration, coupled with water, diluted to 20%, divided into 2 ml ampoules, sterilized the reserve.  Usage  Party: The former three taste 500 ml water, boiled for 30 minutes into it after the drug, the water is increased to 1000-1500 ml, 500 ml Jianzhi day one, sooner or later sub-service. Addition and Subtraction: they are plus ricin stem Renck, hemp seed 12 grams, 12 grams, etc. Yuli Ren. Severe sepsis plus Pulsatilla 15 grams, 12 grams Qin skin. B: water 2500-3000 ml, Jian Zhi 500 ml, morning and evening hours service (flesh-eating Yin Tang). Note: The first two parties alternately take. Party C: night time, every 4 milliliters of water heated 10 ml, retention enema (using an ordinary catheter, into the tumor at the top). Note: The colorectal cancer are more common, and mostly occurs in the sigmoid colon following, of which about 4 / 5 addition of occurred in the rectum and sigmoid colon at the junction, generally poorer treatment outcomes. Through the preliminary clinical observations, "Party", "Party C" For the late stage cases, not suitable for surgery in improving the systemic and local symptoms have some effect; the control of tumor growth, there are different procedures for results. In the course of the long-term medication and found no adverse side effects.

【7】 prescription

Caltrop 10, barley-jen 12 grams, fresh Wisteria article (sliced) 12 grams, 6 grams of myrobalan.

Fu Fa: Shuijianbi, day one.

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