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Chinese medicine treatment "white hair"

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 4:54:30 PM
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White hair, is a physiological phenomenon. Hair ball in the loss of melanocyte activity, leaving hair dry pigment disappears. Not yet reached the elderly often have a family history of early white hair, showed autosomal dominant inheritance. Pernicious anemia, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disease, high incidence of gray hair. Severe emotional effects can quickly gray hair. The long-term suffering from tuberculosis, cancer, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, hair can also occur in advance. Nutrition is not stressed that a lack of protein make hair pigment faded and become brown or gray, the lack of essential fatty acids, but also make hair color fades. Quetong and vitamin B, folic acid, for benzoic acid and so on, can change gray hair. Sugar too much, can brown hair. Hypogonadism can cause early hair.

Premature gray hair can be used Chinese Herbs, Chinese medicine for external use, Shi Shan therapy, massage therapy and other methods.

Chinese Herbs

The choice of traditional Chinese medicine sub-purslane, white Poria, dry yellow, Alismataceae, Selaginella, ginseng, pine resin, Gui Xin, totaling pound as a casual day, warm wine an empty stomach in order to send clothes, 2 times a day. Applicable to the elderly caused by insufficient blood refined white hair; can also use traditional Chinese medicine chrysanthemum, lettuce Katsuko, Inula, white Poria, Gui Xin, Angelica, Achyranthes, Cubeb, raspberries, Eclipta prostrata and so on, honey system for the pills, fasting plasma temperature wine delivery, each serving 30 pills. Applicable to the elderly in liver and kidney caused by white hair.

Chinese medicine for external use

With traditional Chinese medicine angelica, dried pine, gypsum, talc, acid megranate skin, mother cloves, Santal Blanc, without stones, white, and other drugs, Yan Mo, tune into a paste with the vinegar, apply hair, and with the lotus leaf bag tight, Next morning wash away the black. Use this party can be dyed.


Longan meat, lotus seeds, jujube and so on, into the rice in Zhu Chengyu. 2 times a day, even serving 15 to 30 days. Nourishing qi and blood can make the hair black.

Hair should pay attention to the prevention of the following areas: attention to nutrition. Staple food may eat it regularly Callicarpa japonica rice, black beans, adzuki beans, green beans, Hung Ling, black sesame, walnut, etc.; vegetables Vegetables in carrots, spinach, purple radish, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus and so on. Animals eat it regularly Silky, cattle and sheep liver, soft-shelled turtle, dark meat fish, sea cucumbers and so on. Vegetables in jujube fruits, Diospyros lotus, persimmon, mulberry, Muscatel grapes and so on. In short, who has a dark (green, red, yellow, purple) foods contain natural plant body and the role of sunlight to form the pigment, can complement the body's pigment, the color of the hair care benefit. Also note that to ensure adequate protein, vitamins and so on. Eat more vegetable oils, eating less animal fats, eat less sugar, you can use a small amount of honey or brown sugar substitute. Severe white hair, to timely treatment to keep their minds at ease, do not be too worried, tired.

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