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Anemia can cause hair loss it?

Updated: Friday, Apr 02,2010, 3:42:26 PM
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Manufacture of hemoglobin iron is an important raw material, human, once iron deficiency, can lead to reduced production of hemoglobin, red blood cell count also decreased, which is iron deficiency anemia.

When people suffer from iron deficiency anemia, the blood oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells on the decline, transported to different parts of the body oxygen is reduced. The human hair follicle cells are very like oxygen, if oxygen, hair growth will be affected.

Iron deficiency anemia, the patient may be in the hair dry, hair loss, pale skin, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc., and sometimes even hair loss may be the only symptom of anemia. Anemia induced hair loss and male pattern hair loss is more similar to the performance of the entire head of hair can be sparse.

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