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16 kinds of food to help you stay away from lung cancer!

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 02,2015, 5:07:32 PM
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16 kinds of food to help you stay away from lung cancer!

1, apple

Studies from the Hirosaki University in Japan have confirmed that polyphenols from Apple can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

And a study in Finland more exciting: apples contain flavonoids substances is a highly effective antioxidant, it not only the best vascular cleaning agent, and is the nemesis of cancer.

If people eat apples, the chance of developing lung cancer can be reduced by 46%, and other cancers can also be reduced by 20%.

2, celery

Study found that celery contains myristicin the organic compounds can be sporadic and cigarette smoke webmaster statistics carcinogen benzo pyrene can be effectively inhibited the formation of cancer (especially in the lungs).

Celery is rich in luteolin, multiple antioxidant components, two spoons of celery contains 16% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Edible cress can damage the toxic substances in tobacco offset of the lung, to a certain extent in the prevention and treatment of lung cancer.

3, spinach

Spinach contains a variety of antioxidants, help to prevent the damage caused by free radicals of cancer.

Eating 1 bowls of spinach every day can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by at least half. In addition, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, pears and apples can also prevent the occurrence of lung cancer.

4, carrot

The blood and liver, detoxification of hysteresis effect.

One of the carotenoids in the high temperature is rarely destroyed, and easy to be absorbed by the human body.

Long term smokers, such as drinking half a glass of raw carrot juice every day, also has a good protective effect on the lungs.

5, mung bean sprouts

Mung bean, sweet and cold, with Qingrejiedu, diuresis and detumescence effect.

Mung bean sprouts containing interferon, can stimulate the body to produce interferon, interferon has the role of anti infection and inhibition of tumor;

Mung bean sprouts are also rich in vitamin E, can protect the epithelial cells, or an important source of vitamin B17, can prevent cancer.

Long-term smoking, frequent contact with toxic and harmful substances, often eat mung bean sprouts have a good detoxification. Mung bean sprouts also eliminate heat thirst, heat dysentery, solution of pesticide poisoning effect.

6, tomato

Tomatoes contain lycopene can promote some cells with anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect of pigment secretion and activation of lymphocyte dissolution of cancer cells.

It is also a very strong antioxidant, can kill the body can lead to the aging of the free radicals.

Studies have indicated that the amount of lycopene can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer, breast cancer and other cancers, and the prevention of gastric cancer, lung cancer.

7, garlic

China, a new study found that only a week to eat two garlic, even smokers also webmaster statistics to reduce the risk of lung cancer, researchers in the study of representation, or garlic can prevent lung cancer.

Many studies have confirmed that garlic has anti-cancer ability and garlic in the fat soluble volatile oil can activate macrophages, enhance the body's ability to fight cancer, it also contains a sulfur compound, also has the role of killing tumor cells.

8, citrus

Grapefruit, orange, orange, lemon and kumquat these oranges are rich in vitamin C, prevent the formation of nitrosamines can not only prevent breast cancer, but also to prevent the pulmonary tumor.

9, eggplant

Cold eggplant, sweet, there is Qingrejiedu, diuretic swelling, invigorate the circulation of blood scattered stasis, dispelling wind and removing obstruction in channels, analgesic efficacy of hemostasis, wide intestinal gas.

Eggplant contains anti-cancer substances solanine, also contains Trigonella trigonelline, water stachydrine, choline, perilla glycosides and other physical activities, but also in cancer care.

10, mushrooms

"First anti-cancer food," the reputation, such as vegetables mushroom, mushroom, mushrooms, and so on, webmaster statistics due to the presence of anti-cancer activity of polysaccharide type of material can promote the formation of antibodies, so that the body immunity against tumor, inhibit the growth of tumor cells, can resist a variety of cancers, including lymphoma, colon cancer, etc., especially in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, which was very helpful.

11, corn

Corn can prevent and treat hypertension, arteriosclerosis, urinary stones and other diseases, and has anti-cancer effect.

The American medical profession has pointed out that the coarse grinding corn surface contains a large number of amino acids, has a significant effect on the inhibition of cancer.

In addition, the corn in the glutathione, in the participation of selenium in the formation of glutathione oxidase, but also to make chemical carcinogens lose their activity.

12, milk and yogurt

Milk calcium and vitamin D, in the intestine combined with carcinogenic substances, eliminate its harmful effects. Yogurt can inhibit tumor cells.

13, cabbage

Cabbage, a kind of compound that contains the content of a kind of compound that can play a role in the detoxification of the human body, which has the function of inducing.

Regular consumption can prevent gastric cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer and colon cancer.

14, asparagus

Asparagus cold, taste joys, stationmaster statistical power of Spleen Qi, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, quench, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough.

Asparagus is a kind of medicine and food and vegetables, rich in sugar, protein and a variety of vitamins, and a variety of vitamins, folic acid, folic acid, mannose polyester as special nutrients in asparagus, to prevent and cure all kinds of cancer have a certain effect.

15, green tea

Taiwan's researchers said at least one cup of green tea a day may help reduce the risk of lung cancer in smokers, especially for those who have the benefits of genetically speaking, less susceptible to lung cancer.

16, nuts

A report by the National Cancer Institute in the United States also shows that if you regularly eat foods rich in vitamin E, you can make the incidence of lung cancer in smokers greatly reduced.

The Institute pointed out in his report, the food rich in vitamin E include almonds, hazelnut and dried fruits and whole wheat food etc..

A study by the California almond chamber of Commerce in the United States has proved that eating 40 almonds a day, with a balanced diet, can meet the needs of the body of vitamin E.

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