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Uterus three major diseases caused infertility

Updated: Monday, Nov 16,2009, 12:30:14 PM
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Several diseases can cause infertility:

Uterine dysplasia: uterine dysplasia also known as infantile uterus, generally refers to the uterus after puberty is still smaller than normal. Just a small uterus is not necessarily the direct cause of infertility, if the ovary at the same time dysplasia, is caused by the direct cause of infertility.

Asherman's syndrome: uterine cavity, uterine isthmus, cervix tube due to trauma caused by the adhesion of secondary infections, such as: traumatic curettage; also include specific infections such as tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, amoebic and actinomycosis and so on, often appear clinically amenorrhea, month after infertility caused fewer.

Endometritis: endometritis according to disease duration can be divided into two kinds of acute and chronic; their infection pathogens, can be divided into tuberculosis, venereal diseases and the general bacterial. Endometritis more from the outside up the spread of vaginal infections caused by, due to endometrial hyperemia, edema, inflammatory exudate, interstitial large number of plasma cells and lymphocytes, these changes can affect the sperm of the implant operation and Yunluan and development. Of course, inflammation of endometrial implantation of the eggs can not provide adequate nutrition, but also has anti-inflammatory exudation of the role of sperm, resulting in infertility.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the corresponding method: pre-menstrual, using Chinese herbs to increase luteal phase from assisted reproductive role; menstrual medium, with blood circulation to promote ovulation; menstruation later, using Chinese herbs follicle growth, and ultimately achieving therapeutic purposes.

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