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nature of bone hyperplasia?

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 02,2009, 2:10:58 PM
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1, What is the nature of bone hyperplasia?

Bone hyperplasia is the essence of a human skeleton, "aging" phenomenon is a normal physiological phenomenon. As people age, the human spine and the muscles around the joints, ligaments and other organizations of the degenerative changes occur, so that the balance of the spine and joint destruction of spine and joint instability. The body in order to adapt to these changes and restore a new equilibrium will be adopted by way of bone hyperplasia increases bone surface area, reducing pressure on the bone per unit area, so that the spine or joint more stable. We can say that the phenomenon of bone hyperplasia is a kind of self-protection mechanism of the body is the body's instinct. But sometimes, bone hyperplasia caused pain, swelling, limb dysfunction and other symptoms that people feel "uncomfortable" when people look at only then hyperostosis as a disease.

2, bone hyperplasia and clinical symptoms are related?

The vast majority of patients with no clinical manifestations of bone hyperplasia, the patient only in the physical examination or treatment is found by chance when the bone hyperplasia. Only when the bone hyperplasia developed to a certain extent, the proliferation of relatively large bone, the proliferation of bone involving the nerves and blood vessels and bone hyperplasia caused by aseptic inflammation of local tissue only when clinical symptoms arise. So, we say that the presence of bone hyperplasia and clinical symptoms arise not from parallel relationship.

3, bone hyperplasia will be an unrestricted development?

Although the phenomenon of bone hyperplasia increases with age, but specific to each individual's body, the extent of bone hyperplasia is limited, and will not open-ended to grow. We know that bone hyperplasia is a new body to restore balance in a self-protection mechanisms. When the new equilibrium to establish, spinal or joint re-return to a stable state, bone hyperplasia will naturally stop.

4, how to treat osteoarthritis?

As the bone hyperplasia is a normal human physiological phenomenon, is a kind of self-protection mechanism for the body, so if there is no obvious discomfort, you do not see the treatment of osteoarthritis. For the bone hyperplasia involving the nerves, blood vessels, or causing damage to the joints, causing pain, swelling, joint dysfunction and other clinical symptoms of patients, we can for the cause, symptomatic treatment. In other words, we just treat symptoms caused by bone hyperplasia, rather than bone hyperplasia itself. Now that there are many "quacks", advertised that he has "traditional remedy" to remove bone spurs, which are absurd, only one aim is to get money. Modern medical studies have shown that at present there is no effective way to remove bone spurs, doctors and patients can be done is to relieve symptoms and restore normal work, study and life.

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