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hemorrhoids can cause what diseases

Updated: Monday, Oct 19,2009, 7:27:45 PM
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hemorrhoids can cause  what diseases

The main symptoms of hemorrhoids is blood in the stool, and get out of the stool over and over again when the bleeding will lose a lot of iron the body caused by iron deficiency anemia This is because under normal circumstances, iron absorption and excretion to maintain equilibrium is very small amount of iron loss of the normal men the amount of the daily iron loss of no more than 2 milligrams of the blood in the stool of patients if the daily blood loss of more than 6 to 8 milliliters is 3 ~ 4 mg of iron is lost for more than the total iron content of normal human males was 50 mg / kg body weight of women about 35 mg / kg body weight if the long-term blood in the stool is missing a lot of iron so that the total body iron content lower than normal can cause iron-deficiency anemia.

Hemorrhoids caused by blood loss due to iron deficiency anemia usually develops slowly there is no early symptoms or mild symptoms can be heavier or the progress of anemia occurs when a faster burnout fatigue loss of appetite pale heart palpitations rapid heart rate and shortness of breath after physical activity in patients with edema and some other may appear nervous system symptoms such as irritability and so easy to excitement was felt that the cell contains more iron enzyme deficiency caused by these symptoms can be treated by correcting the anemia disappeared after hemorrhoids hemorrhoids so if found to be suffering as soon as possible to avoid this treatment of the symptoms to the treatment of complicated of.

Another major symptom of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids prolapse prolapse of hemorrhoids in the anal sphincter gripping by the obstruction and venous blood continues to bring the volume to increase until the hemorrhoids have been pressed close arterial thrombosis hemorrhoids appear difficult to back pain, hardening anal conventional wisdom referred to as "strangulated hemorrhoids" But the clinical findings of the more common external hemorrhoids thrombosis associated with pain when so many can not be returned when the hemorrhoids prolapse, also known as "incarcerated hemorrhoid" is also a long time incarcerated hemorrhoids will appear the following pathological changes:

(1) necrosis: hemorrhoids incarcerated in the external anal due to a series of pathological changes have led to the accumulation of local metabolites and further increased the anus of local edema and increased the incarceration of hemorrhoidal This is a vicious circle so inevitable course of time incarcerated hemorrhoids necrosis in this When necrosis of the mucosa often confined to the hemorrhoids, but also violations of some other parts of the body of a foreign reports: hemorrhoids thrombosis within the necrotic zone extended to the upward spread rectum results in pelvic cause severe sepsis although such a situation is a rare but must arouse the clinician's attention.

(2) infection: incarcerated hemorrhoids after the many different levels of infection in patients with anal tenesmus Zhuizhang flu appeared significantly more symptoms of infection at this time confined to the anus Local reset easier to make if the strong spread of infection caused by submucosal or perianal abscess ischial rectal fossa If the shedding of emboli along the vein up contaminated with inappropriate use of antibiotics or antimicrobial agents will use any form of portal bacteremia or sepsis can be the formation of liver abscess has been reported abroad, incarcerated because of hemorrhoids associated with lethal portal vein sepsis.

In short there are a lot of harm to human hemorrhoids should be aroused the attention of clinical workers, every one seriously in patients with hemorrhoids hemorrhoid patients do not have to get too excited about as long as early treatment and appropriate treatment can be avoided more serious complications from occurring.

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