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he difference between ADHD and Tourette syndrome

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 5:54:53 PM
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ADHD and tic disorder, two kinds of disease and the "dynamic", common in children under the age of 8. Little friend once had these two kinds of disease, will be more "active" than ordinary children, some parents is not very clear, the child is exactly the kind of disease. Experts think, ADHD and tic disorder is not one thing, the two are two different behavior disorder, parents must not mistake.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a syndrome with minimal brain dysfunction, also known as learning skills development obstacles, than twitch disease incidence rate is high, is a kind of mental disorders in children is a common disease, intelligence is normal or nearly normal, there are defects of learning and behavior and temperament, most from the infancy symptoms, performance excitable, disturbed sleep at night, feeding is not cooperation. Age gradually, symptoms gradually obvious, mainly for the attention is not centralized, do not concentrate, good God, action too, a good class petty action, good talk, impulsiveness, emotional instability, poor self-control, procrastination, lack of time and task concept, uncoordinated movements, fine motor, pin buckle buttons and other difficulties, unruly, persist in one's old ways, serious person stealing, lying, fighting behavior. The healing rate is extremely low, and in the so-called self healing people, just hyperactivity symptoms, most people left with personality or behavior disorders, such as irritable, impulsive, reckless, high crime rate.

What is the child tic disorder?

Children twitch disease called Tourette syndrome. This kind of disease and ADHD children belong to children's psychological and behavioral abnormalities, and the child's psychological quality is not stable relationship. Tourette syndrome is a multiple language, behavior disorder syndrome, is in the face, limbs, trunk muscle can't help tic, syndrome children with laryngeal dysfunction pronunciation and language features, performance for the frequent blinking, wrinkled forehead, nasal suction, pouting, loll, shook his head, nod, shrug, movable arm etc.. After illness, tic action are diversified, throat involuntary unusual sounds, a few children have uncontrollable swearing, cursing, so the Tourette's syndrome is also called Tourette's syndrome. The children were impatient character, self willed, irritability.

Because the name of two diseases with similar symptoms, and is somewhat similar, so confused. Parents should be careful to identify, these two kinds of disease is different, treatment is different.

So far, the cause of tic disorder and ADHD is not clear. But according to foreign research analysis shows: tic pathological disorders and basal ganglia changes. ADHD may be due to insufficient number of brain neurotransmitters, neurotransmitter imbalance caused by information.

Have data show that: the 2 diseases are likely to occur at the same time, children Tourette syndrome 25% ~ 50 with adhd. ADHD symptoms usually appear in the tic before, compared with the first 2 to 3 years, and is common in children with symptoms of severe tics. Although these two kinds of disease have some similarities, and at the same time associated with ADHD children, but simply no muscles twitch phenomenon, which is the key of tic disorder and ADHD identification.

If you find your child appears above 2 kinds of abnormal phenomenon, it is necessary to bring the child to the hospital to do a regular inspection, to determine the cause of the child. When the doctor for children diagnosed after treatment plan can be.

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