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What is the harm of children with ADHD

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 5:07:35 PM
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ADHD harm must pay attention to. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in China has become a public problem is serious, should be with the concern of the whole society. In recent years, the prevalence of ADHD in children with rising, seriously endanger the physical and mental and learning. What is the harm that children with ADHD?

1, the harm to individuals

Mild ADHD children can not concentrate on just learning, not active learning, resulting in decreased performance; can not control, behavior disaffected, being discriminated against. Severe ADHD children cannot even Valet, difficult to read the primary school and middle school. Often ask for trouble, disturb others. With the increase of age, because self-control is poor, vulnerable to the adverse effects and can be lured, fighting, lying stealing, even crime.

2, on the school's harm

In school, children with ADHD often disrupt the class, fight affray, grade is low, serious impact on the quality of teaching in schools.

3, the harm to society

ADHD children if not treated in time, the adult as poor self-control, impulsivity, often incorrigible recidivism, social stability and people's personal and property safety.

4, the family of harm

ADHD children not only poor academic performance, but also the weariness, truancy, disrupt the classroom order, so it is often called to criticize the teacher, parents and ashamed and angry. Some high priced a governess, wasting a lot of time and money would be of no avail; some of the children, against hatred for parents, parental influence harmony.

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