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What are the performance and how hemorrhoids diagnosed?

Updated: Monday, Oct 19,2009, 7:18:45 PM
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What are the performance and how hemorrhoids diagnosed?

How diagnosis of hemorrhoids?

According to medical history and physical examination anal anal rectal examination and anal inspection throughout the light of the classification of hemorrhoid diagnosis.

If a little suspicious should be further checks to the exception of colorectal benign and malignant anal canal and inflammatory diseases.

Or to see bloody stool blood in stool with blood or pus and blood are mostly caused by hemorrhoids; anal fissure bleeding was bright red and accompanied by pain in the anus; Dabiandaixue Bloody stool color dull red or dark it is the digestive tract bleeding due to tumor escape from the anus when defecation accompanied by the majority of the anus wet or mucus from the internal hemorrhoids prolapse, or rectal mucosa prolapse; if there are lumps anal lumps intense pain, dark complexion rounded standard may be suffering from a thrombotic external hemorrhoids; anal mass with local pain and fever are the symptoms of perianal abscess; palpation of the anus and a small amount of cable installed objects out of pus from the dyke breach was the performance of anal fistula.

Hemorrhoid Classification and staging

Hemorrhoids etiology of fatigue and so many points so sedentary a long time in a fixed position the human body thereby affecting the blood circulation to the pelvic blood flow is slow and intra-abdominal organ congestion caused by over-filling hemorrhoid vein wall of varicose veins bulge decline in tension is a disease caused by hemorrhoids One important reason for lack of bowel movement, if movement slow down or slow down the feces constipation due to habitual and thus enable local congestion venous pressure and blood disorder caused by hemorrhoidal veins returning venous pressure is increased resistance to reduce the wall can also lead to a higher incidence of hemorrhoids, according to clinical observation and statistical analysis of census results in patients with different occupations in the prevalence of clinically significant differences cadres bus driver sales significantly higher prevalence of teachers.

Hemorrhoids in the anal mucous membrane inside is called "hemorrhoids" is located inside the anus near the mouth known as the "external hemorrhoids", both are called "mixed hemorrhoids," hemorrhoids symptoms are severe lesion Zuotong blood in the stool would be hemorrhoids block protruding outside the anus ( prolapse) retracted after defecation.

According to the symptoms of hemorrhoids, as well as hazards to human health can be divided into three different levels:

Phase Ⅰ no pain to the blood secretions of the major multi-itch-based; Ⅱ period is blood in the stool hemorrhoids prolapse with defecation but it can also self-satisfied; Ⅲ period (also known as the late) prolapsed hemorrhoids in the anus or extraoral extraoral each defecation anal prolapse are not self-satisfied also must Satisfy back.

Hemorrhoids light gives the normal life of those who cause inconvenience; In severe cases, the course of time affect health, such as blood in the stool can cause varying degrees of anemia and even life-threatening hemorrhagic shock; hemorrhoids necrosis infection in severe cases can cause systemic infection through the blood system, thus suffering from the serious consequences of hemorrhoids to actively cope with.

Hemorrhoid Classification

Vascular swelling type: hemorrhoids mucosal surface roughness and soft color dull red or red touch of easy bleeding with this type of hemorrhage as the main symptoms.

Varicose type: hemorrhoids hard and shiny surface of the more dull red or bluish-purple color hemorrhoid body of the hemorrhoids for varicose veins and hyperplasia of connective.

Fibrosis type: hemorrhoids hemorrhoid surface of the surface of a slightly flexible hard white fibrous tissue hyperplasia easy to get out of difficult bleeding.

Thrombotic external hemorrhoids: The main disease is characterized by sudden onset of severe pain, discomfort obvious bulge occasional systemic symptoms of partial examination showed perianal tumor palpable subcutaneous bulge hard and slippery mass tenderness evident.

Inflammatory external hemorrhoids: Chang from the anal margin of skin damage and infection have caused more pain during defecation anal pain increased when a small amount of blood in the stool anal anal secretions Local examination of the tumor adjacent to uplift color red congestive obviously tenderness can sometimes be accompanied by general malaise, and fever.

Varicose veins-type external hemorrhoids: bulge into the anal margin of the oval is not painful to the touch of a soft stool mass force can often see a dark purple or after defecation, after a break can be reduced volume of subcutaneous varicose veins are caused by hemorrhoids also advanced the development of a sense of swelling and discomfort in general only Erzhi row Fecal inflammation worse when only pain.

Of connective tissue-type external hemorrhoids or skin tag external hemorrhoids: Department of the anal margin of the skin folds hyperplasia of connective tissue forming larger shapes of many different sizes varying skin tag.

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