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Vitiligo's attention matters

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 4:37:50 PM
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1, adjusting photo spirit, stability and emotional

1, maintaining an open, generous and cheerful mind, to avoid the anxiety, grief, thorough consideration, sadness, anger and other negative emotional stimulation.

2, to establish a good personal laws to prevent the body clock disorders, neuro-endocrine disorders.

3, work and rest, avoid over exertion.

2, adjusting the diet, a reasonable taboos

1, eat nuts (Ginkgo, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, watermelon seeds, almonds), legumes and soy products, black sesame seeds, animal liver, and so on.

2, absolute fasting fish and shrimp seafood, ban alcohol. A result of fish-eating, drinking and causing vitiligo disease, relapse or sicker persons, are common. Common Some patients can not be strictly due to alcohol or seafood, though after a long period of therapy, but still can not be brought under control condition.

3, to avoid excessive intake of vitamin C, eat, or eat foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, apples, oranges and so on.

4, must not be too spicy food and other spicy food.

5, children should be used to change the partial eclipse.

Third, protect the skin against damage (mechanical, physical, chemical)

1, clothes should fit large, especially underwear, underpants, bra is not too tight, belt should loose. Clinically, the breast, the waist, groin, etc. of the white spots, often oppressed because of partial result. Underwear, underpants as cotton products, non-wear fiber and so on.

2, to avoid the trauma, friction, oppression. When taking a bath can not be forced rubbed.

3, avoid contact with phenol and phenolic compounds such as benzene, ether of hydroquinone alone (instead of a phenol), was used as rubber antioxidants, frequent contact with rubber products such as rubber gloves, rubber lace and so on, often cause partial bleaching and the white spots appeared, but also in distant parts of the damage also occurred in leukoplakia. With a single phenyl ether Hydroquinone as the main component of the freckle cream, face or hands may also cause leukoplakia.

In addition, the regular contact with gasoline, paint, asphalt, also easily lead to vitiligo patients.

4, to avoid prolonged, intense sunlight exposure. Many patients often due to summer travel, travel, and the induced or caused by recurrence of vitiligo.

5, there are wet diagnosis, dermatitis, insect bite skin disorders such early treatment should be.

6, is not available to patients with a strong irritating external agents, but also exposure to ultraviolet radiation can not be.

Fourth, establish confidence, standard treatment

1, elimination of psychological pressure: Vitiligo is not contagious; early onset or the course of a short, small size and generally are able to cure.

2 seek early treatment: Generally speaking, young age, short duration, small size, are easy to governance; older, longer duration, large area are intractable. So the fight for early treatment, is an important part of vitiligo cure.

3, adhere to long-term therapy: vitiligo, after all, a difficult skin diseases, most of the patients in the treatment of about three months before they bear fruit, therefore, generally three months for a course of treatment, patients must be three months after the treatment, recycling and efficacy assessment , and can not be free to replace the drugs, not to delay treatment.

4, treatment to determine: general one month after treatment, the condition under control will no longer develop. One of the following circumstances, suggesting that effective treatment: ⑴ white spot from the vague to clear the edge of the surrounding pigment appears to enhance the phenomenon; ⑵ marginal or central spot of black spots appeared follicle, from needles to millet, mung bean size, gradually change large increase; ⑶ spot gradually serrated edges or wavy irregular inward contraction; ⑷ white spot appears uniform edge inward to the central extension of pigmentation. You should lose no time to continue the treatment in order to obtain the best effect.

5, the more post-consolidation therapy: white spot was gone, there should continue to consolidate the treatment for some time, to avoid recurrence.

6, careful selection of drugs: can not eat indiscriminantly hormones, immunosuppressive agents, or substances containing these so-called "pure Chinese medicine", so as not to damage health, causing serious consequences.

7, most often appear to stimulate the response to foreign agents or allergic reactions, manifested as erythema, papules, vesicles, Milan, crusted lesions or thickening, scaling, itching. Belongs to stimulate the responders, the general withdrawal, the reaction may be spontaneous regression, to continue medication, generally do not occur in response; are allergic persons, under the guidance of the physician to take anti-allergy, Waicha hormone cream, to be an allergic reaction subsided, the change other for external use.

5, increasing physical activity, improve immunity, to avoid the cold fever, tonsillitis.

6, try to find incentives to avoid relapse or increased.

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