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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of hair loss

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 2:50:41 PM
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Chinese believe that hair loss usually caused by Qi stagnation blood stasis, blood deficiency and wind-dryness caused by traditional Chinese medicine to enable patients to get rid of hair loss troubles do, let us start talking about the reasons for hair loss caused by.

Cause hair loss causes, and congenital or acquired factors; either because the scalp of some diseases (such as yellow ringworm, chicken pox, carbuncle, boil, etc.) Erzhi scars left behind by the hair does not of Health; and sometimes systemic diseases (such as scarlet fever, typhoid fever, measles, post-partum haemorrhage, acute fever, the long-term post-wasting disease) also can cause hair loss; There is also a good hair young men bald early, commonly known as "bald", mostly for seborrheic alopecia. In addition, pregnancy and certain oral contraceptives, leading to hormonal imbalances can also cause sudden hair loss. Some anti-cancer drugs and treatment for epilepsy, gout, acne, thyroid disease, and dilute the blood of drugs and the application of large doses of vitamin A can lead to hair loss; In addition, exposure to certain chemical agents and emotional factors can also cause hair loss.

TCM therapy: Drynaria tincture can be used outside the office rub hair loss, or ginger cut into small pieces, baking heat, rub the lesion. Germinal pill: Angelica, Rehmannia glutinosa, white peony root, fleece-flower root, Millettia, medlar, mulberry child of 30 grams, Dodder, Eclipta company, Achyranthes, papaya and 20 grams each, Ligustrum lucidum 15 grams, 12 grams Chuanxiong, Shuijianbi; or pills made from alopecia areata: habitat, Rehmannia, mulberry leaves, Hangzhou chrysanthemum, mulberry son, black beans 30 grams of all clothing, Ligustrum lucidum 120 grams, Chinese angelica, astragalus Sunburn, dodder seed, jujube each 60 grams of meat, white Shao 45 grams, Placenta 15 grams. On refining honey as a medicine pills, weight 9 grams per pill, a pill each morning and evening, and even clothes.

Diet: 250 grams of crushed black sesame seeds, add rice Aozhou consumption; 20 Kocse pepper with a small tip small, 50 ml shochu, soak 10 days, juice rubbed hair loss at a daily several times; silk mixed with sesame seaweed often consumption; used wolfberry fruit, Polygonum multiflorum, Shude, cornus Gong Zhu juice, plus walnuts, black beans were boil walnuts Shu Lan, drying, each serving 6 grams, twice daily. Commonly used in hair and health food are: yellow bean sprouts, garlic, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, octopus, cucumber and so on. Furthermore, it should Eat too much fatty foods, eat more vegetables, beans and more protein-rich diet; to maintain the spirit of a happy, feeling good; to avoid excessive mental work, regular participation in sports activities; pay attention to hygiene, to keep the head clean , great benefits of prevention and treatment of this disease.

Acupuncture Therapy: Main Points: old age (after the 1-inch Baihui), brain (Feng-chi point under 0.5 inches). Distribution Point: temples Hair Loss Kato-dimensional, itching are increased vertebral, grease those with more star points. After the gas needle was left for 20 minutes, when the needles to impose bird pecked every other day a time.

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