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To find the cause of male hair loss

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 3:09:01 PM
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With the social development and the accelerated pace of people's lives, people bear the psychological pressure increased, the incidence of hair loss among the crowd higher and higher. Hair loss a serious impact on young men's looks, many patients, laments: "bald" Let them look older than it actually a lot, so that they have tried all kinds of hair loss drugs to try to resolve this embarrassing situation, the market complicated the treatment of hair loss drugs on advertising hype is right, it is the face of such kind of products that constantly attempt to continuously failed, failed more times, and most people simply buy wigs on his head the surface up to cover up hair loss symptoms. In fact, drugs and wearing a wig with hair loss is not wise to solve the problem, because hair loss is just the human body as a signal the emergence of diseases, we have only to find out the cause in order to completely solve the hair loss.

At present the cause of male pattern hair loss has not yet fully clear, the incidence of the more recognized factor is the genetic factors and male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) synthesis result. Significant incidence of this disease tend to the family, can form genetic. In addition, in patients with scalp dihydrotestosterone levels higher than normal, while the DHT is testosterone 5α-reductase (DHT) formed under the catalysis. 5α-reductase in the second type mainly distributed in the hair follicles, in this enzyme, a substantial amount of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, the latter acting on the hair follicles, causing hair follicles shrink, hair growth cycle and hair become thin .

For the male pattern hair loss, in the past have not really effective therapy, the recent gene regulation therapy in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of the disease has made remarkable efficacy, attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, Beijing, Beijing Ren Hospital, the first to use genetic regulation of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, refined Select a dozen precious traditional Chinese medicine developed to treat hair loss, treatment, white-onset effects pure Chinese medicine - "precipitating Spirit" series of prescriptions, a very effective way to activate hair growth genes, inhibiting hair loss genes to stimulate the hematopoietic system, rapid stimulating melanin cell growth. According to research at home and abroad, precipitate spirits "also has a replenishing essence and blood, nourishes the nerve cells, the role of anti-aging, and many middle-aged clothes 2-3 months after treatment in patients with and felt energetic, refreshing, skin becomes smooth, delicate appearance also appears younger, and mental state greatly improved, to achieve a very satisfactory cosmetic effect. However, we should insist on early drug use and drug use, otherwise it will affect treatment.

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