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The treatment of osteoarthritis

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 09,2010, 2:57:09 PM
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1. Severe pain who. For pain treatment.

2. Rest braking.

3. Physical therapy, so as to achieve analgesic, to relieve symptoms purposes.

4. Chronic recurring pain in osteoarthritis, affect people work and live surgery.

Osteoarthritis prevention and care:

Osteoarthritis is due to joint degradation and destruction of articular cartilage due to chronic arthritis. More than 45 patients over the age of the elderly. Onset is slow, and often multi-joint disease. In the disease may have persistent joint pain, this pain, increased activity, with a break better. Sometimes may have acute pain attacks, while the section stiffness, joint activities with bomb sound. After the joint stiffness increased sedentary, slightly better after the event. Late to the relevant section of swelling, increased activity limitation. Can be used drug treatment. Everyday life should be how to prevent it?

1. Should be to minimize the weight-bearing joints and substantial activities in order to delay the disease process.

2. Obese people should lose weight, reduce the load on joints.

3. Lower limb joints lesion can be used crutches or a cane to ease the burden on joints.

4. Exacerbation should be prescribed by a doctor taking anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, as far as possible after meal. Local joint deposited can be hot and humid.

5. Lesions application of jacket to protect the joints.

6. Pay attention to weather changes, to avoid the cold and humid.

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