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The clinical manifestations of eczema

Updated: Friday, Jan 08,2010, 1:16:03 PM
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Eczema is a common internal and external factors caused by a variety of epidermal and superficial dermal inflammatory skin disease. Which is characterized by conscious intense itching, skin lesions of polymorphous, symmetrical distribution, leakage tendencies, chronic process, easy to repeated attack.

    Skin lesion characteristics: can occur at any site, common in the face, ears, limbs bent side, breasts, hands, scrotum, etc., symmetrical distribution. According to characteristic lesions can be divided into acute, subacute and chronic eczema. Three no clear boundaries, you can change each other.

    (1) acute eczema: consciously intense itching, skin lesions of pleomorphic, erythema, papules, or blisters of herpes hill into a dense film, easy to leakage, state is unclear, scattered around the small papules, Qiu herpes, often accompanied by erosion, crusting , such as secondary infection, pustule, or may appear thick crust. Handled appropriately to reduce the inflammation, skin lesions can be 2 ~ 3 weeks after the faded, but often recurrent and can be converted to sub-acute or chronic eczema.

    (2) sub-acute eczema: acute eczema, reduce inflammation, there are still intense itching, skin lesions with papules, crusting, and scaling mainly seen a small hill herpes, mild erosion. Appropriate treatment within a few weeks to recover, not handled properly, can be acute or to chronic eczema.

    (3) Chronic eczema: often due to acute and subacute eczema recurrent unhealed 2 to chronic eczema; can also start was not obvious, due to frequent scratching, rubbing, or other stimuli, resulting in the incidence of chronic eczema when it is started. Its performance for the affected area of skin infiltration hypertrophy, surface roughness, Chenganhongse or with pigmentation, many of the limitations of plaque lesions, common in the hand, foot, leg, elbow fossa, breasts, vulva, anus, etc., clear edge. Course of chronic, as long as several months or years can also be due to stimulation of acute attack.

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