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Recognizing Osteoarthritis

Updated: Tuesday, Feb 09,2010, 2:53:38 PM
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1,hand. Interphalangeal joints most commonly involved, especially the distal interphalangeal joints. Swelling and tenderness is not apparently have little effect on joints. Characteristic changes in the finger joints on the back of the inside and outside, there formed a hard bone hyperplasia nodules, nodules in the distal refers to the shoulder joint is called Heberden nodule, located in the proximal refers to the shoulder joint is called Bouchard nodules. This nodule development is very slow. Only a small percentage of patients will eventually be much finger joints, or oblique flexion deformity. When the first carpometacarpal joint involvement while when Hyperosteogeny form a "square"-shaped hands, this deformity rare in Chinese.

2, knee. Knee pain patients for medical treatment of this common complaint. Its early symptoms are pain up and down stairs, especially when the staggering downstairs, showing unilateral or bilateral alternating, the emergence of joint swelling, usually caused by bone hypertrophy caused by joint effusion can be. There synovial hypertrophy is rare. In severe cases, knee varus deformity occurs.

Third, hip. Manifested as greater trochanter, lateral hip, groin and other parts of pain, radiation to the knee can be. Hip internal rotation and the activities of limited straight. China's population of osteoarthritis of the hip occurred were less than the whites.

4, feet. First metatarsophalangeal joint is a common site of disease occur. Wear tight shoes, foot, and repeated trauma of their cause. Symptoms are local pain, bony hypertrophy, and hallux valgus.

5, spine. Vertebra, intervertebral disc, facet joint bone lesions caused by the withdrawal of cervical and lumbar vertebral body lesions. Local pain and stiffness. A small number of severe vertebral edge of the lip due to hyperplasia and bone-ao local nerve root compression, spinal cord or local blood vessels and the emergence of various radioactive pain or nervous system symptoms.

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